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Good morning and happy Monday. Matt’s got trophies on his mind this week as the season clatters to an end…

You join me on this fine Monday morning with AFC United on the brink of football immortality. This band of Alex Ferguson Cast Offs are challenging on four fronts. What stands between us and the ultimate glory? Judging from last week, only Aston Villa….every time.

We’re 3pts clear of Man United in the league, but our action picks up in the knock out stages of the Champions League, away to Intern Milan in the quarter finals.

It’s a great advantage to take back home. Our centre-back pairing of Duncan and Hall keeping Ronaldo quiet, but letting Maurice give Inter some hope

Brown gave us the advantage in Italy, and he’s at it once again in the FA Cup at home to Hull. Into the semi’s we go!

Brown is on it, he’s got the taste of victory. He spent some nights consumed by the shadows, he was crippled emotionally..but somehow he made it through the heartache, he escaped, kept the faith, yes he did!

Richie Wellens is also a man possessed, knocking in the goals from left wing back. He can do it at the San Siro, he can do it at Upton Park

Nevland is racking them up too, he takes no prisoners against Inter Milan. Ronaldo replies late, but the damage is done already.

We’ll be in Lisbon for the semi finals. We’ve booked our hotel already, Club Tropicana. Drinks are free. Well, all inclusive.

We couldn’t go too far in this update with out playing our fortnightly game against Aston Villa. It’s the League Cup Final, and if like me you remember the 1994 final, it’s a similar story. Brown salvages us late, but Cammarata strikes in extra-time and the quadruple dream is over. To say I’m sick of the sight of Villa, Smicer and Cammarata is an understatement.

Nevermind, we can still emulate the Class of ’92 and their heroics in 1999, but we might have to emulate them in doing it the hard way too. Fergie Cast Off Poborsky puts Benfica in the driving seat, but Nevland gives us a potentially vital away goal.

It’s all coming thick and fast now, from League Cup to Champions League to FA Cup and our Swedish wide-man supplies the sucker punch to knock out Wolves and we’re into another final

Back in the league and Chelsea look to knock us down a peg or two

Arsenal want a piece of that action too. It hurts. Like a Splinter in a delicate spot. Mind you, my line up had Champions League action in two days time in mind. Roy Keane, why did you foresake us?

Benfica come to Manchester and David Brown does just enough to send us to the final once again

And it’s the Playboy Principality who we’ll face in the final

Back to league action, we can’t afford anymore slip ups with Man United chasing us down. Owen manages to rescue a point when Wolves threaten to blow our house down

It’s not exactly enthralling to watch, but it is effective

Paul Scholes hasn’t really had much of a sniff since he signed, but here he is with two goals to see off Leeds.

Fergie is fading. 4 games to go, they are 9 points behind with 3 games left. The only other team that can ruin our party are Villa, unpredictably….

We just need a point away to Ipswich……yes!

Champions confirmed! The title is ours once more!

Just to piss off United when it’s all too late, and give Villa less chance of getting into the Champions League, my second stringers let United run rampant. That’s Benjamin Zidane by the way…

David Batty’s task to turn around Newcastle’s fortunes is at an end

Teddy has had enough too

He’s still playing –

We round out the penultimate game of the league season with another Scholes double against Middlesbrough

Man United ran us as close as they could in the league and they suffer further heartache in the Uefa Cup

In what is becoming a regular theme, we get trounced in our final league game and it’s by Belinda’s Boys. To be fair, I gave the lesser seen players some game time. I think that might be the last I see Taibi…

We did it, but we didn’t score a lot, but the, nor did anyone really

At the bottom, Watford and Orient join Belinda in waving bye bye to the Premier League

Liverpool join United in european cup final heartache. Hopefully we won’t make it a threesome

It’s Liverpool who we take on in the FA Cup, so no matter what, they will get another crack at the Cup Winners Cup. We’ll both get another crack at the FA Cup too. Cooke and Fowler cancel each other out within 60 seconds and then Kluivert gets his marching orders for some very rash challenges.

Before the replay, the very minor matter of the Champions League final with Monaco. Nevland gets us going and Brown lays on the cherry. Swiss man Vogel reduces things late on for a nervy last 5 minutes, but in the end we do enough to retain the trophy.

That Monaco side is packed with familiar faces. We on the other hand line up with half a team that were with us in the lower divisions. Lee Sharpe missed out through injury last season, so gets 25 minutes here as I’m a big old softy.

Epic Scenes as club captain Danny Hall lifts the trophy once more

The Guv’nor fancies his chances in a new dug out

A week after the European final, we return to Wembley to take on Liverpool but have to do it long way round. Peter Jnr saves three penalties and the treble is ours!

Despite all the trophies, one of our original young guns has had enough. George exits on a free transfer

Should have let him get to 200 games really. His last appearance was in that 5-0 loss to Belinda…

George played in our very first competitive game at left back. End of an era.

With no international tournament to distract us, it’s time for an early view of the seasonal awards. Brown takes the Golden Boot, while there’s something heartwarming in seeing Hristov still knocking them in for Barnsley and Bobby Gould recovering at Crewe.

With the pre-season updates rolling, Massimo decides he’s had enough

Meanwhile, Ronnie decides he wants some more of our action

Ronnie coming in means Chris goes out

He probably deserves a bit more game time

There’s quite a few who didn’t play this season for one reason or another, but they are mostly regens

The goals were spread thin, thankfully Brown had his shooting boots turned up to 11 (or 20) this season

So, after 8 seasons, we’ve won a lot.

Mainly thanks to Brown and Nevland

So, is this the end? We’ve won so many trophies and put Fergie in his place…but….I want more. There are still a few trophies to win, I want to get Brown to 300 goals…so we’ll carry on, but from next week the format will be a little….different.

Thanks for following so far, and hope you’re hungry for a little more AFC United…?

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