The Blog Squad FC – Part 12 | @RossBell1984

Happy hump day! Here’s Ross with the run-in, can the Blog Squad secure promotion?

The Final Countdown, here we go!

A trip to Crewe is first up and who couldn’t enjoy a trip to Crewe.3-1 win and the title is within touching distance.

Moving on.

Norwich take another battering 4-1 an OG and a 10 from myself, great days.

2-0 with 2 from Nath as Chesterfield are the latest team to brushed aside.

Big Bad Barry Combe got his first full international call up for Scotland and it’s fair to say it went less than ideally.

A Trip to sleepy Swindon up next and we struggle to a 1-1 draw. Faltering at the final hurdles here.

Reading is a miserable place, If you’ve ever been to the Madejski stadium you’ll relate. Thankfully a 3-0 win makes for a happer experience.

Saints get battered 4-1 again and with that we are crowned champions with 5 games to go, it’s been our most successful season to date.

lets race though thee final few games. 3-2 win, good.

5-2 win.goodness continues. despite yet another red card from the rock.

0-0. Poor

5-3. Good

We end our one and only division season with a 2-2 draw with Fulham.

And so here it is, Premier League football is on the horizon. I’ll bring in one or two players but no need to go ott the Og’s have this!

Very very comfortable in the end. 128 goals scored, Wowzers.

Every og member finished the season with good ratings, even Andrew despite 23 red cards this season.

There was no stopping Nevland who topped the charts with 39!

And oh yeah, one final thing!

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