The Unexpected Champions – Part 14 | @verbist_philip

Hallo allemaal!

After a hectic week with a closed school and children getting sick, I am glad it is finally weekend. In Lier everything is going well. We keep occupying the first place in the league and our CL Group Stage draw makes us dream!

The Champions League that’s where we start today’s update. After 2 wins last week against Galatasaray and Montpellier, FC Croatia is not able to slow us down. We keep our perfect record.

VALENCIAaaa … aa ..a… We will no longer hear our fans shouting his name. He picks up a long injury and we have to move on without our key player. In 165 games he got a rating of over 7.60, which is simply amazing. You will be missed, Esteban!

This is a serious blow, but we have options. Our veteran regen Sala (Del Piero) returns into the line-up, which means Neca moves to the right side. In the meantime Lokonda is getting more and more upset on the bench. With 2 goals, Watkin (Mark Hughes) ensures his place in the line-up.

Lads, that’s not the first time we’re getting 2 red cards in a match. Eddy De Coninck (Bodart) proves once again what an excellent goalkeeper he is.

The suspension of Watkin means the return of Lokonda in the line-up. He immediately delivers: 1 goal and 1 assist. Welcome back!

Should we keep on calling this “El Classico” when we outperform them?

The result after the November international break? Injuries to several players, including Gudjohnsen Junior.

Well, injuries and suspensions are the perfect opportunity to give chances to new players. I have always done it like that, and I will keep on doing it. At Kapellen our top regens Requena (Colomer) and Dufournet (Papin) get their first start.

The away game at Montpellier should be the most difficult Group Stage match, but we pick up another win. And we settle a new record: we qualify for the Quarter Finals with 1 match to go!

We have to rely on Eddy again to secure the 3 points at newly promoted Denderleeuw.

A perfect 18/18 record! Well done lads!

Cup time! Our striker combo Compan-Mpenza makes the difference.

Mpenza keeps on scoring, he is an absolute guarantee for goals.

After a well deserved skiing break we receive a crazy offer for Geoffrey Claeys. He spends his time on the bench these days, but still Inter wants to spend 4 times his current value. Hmm, if players are wanted that badly, it means I should keep them.

Cup time! A late-minute equaliser sends the game into overtime and penalties. That’s always a lottery, but not when you have Eddy between the posts.

We keep on winning, Germinal and Antwerp are no match. I believe we have never been better.

Since his return the spotlight is on Lokonda. Are you still around Lilian? He definitely is!

Gent, my favourite city. Better luck next time.

The CL draw links us again to a German opponent, this time Dortmund.

I moved Klews (Matthaus) to the central DMC position a while ago and that was a good decision. And what about Jesus (Nadal)? Similar to my Barcelona ’92 squad, he became my defensive stalwart.

Cup time once again and also the last one for today! We keep the treble dream alive!

We’re out of everybody’s league domestically.

I just realise we have won every single game in this update. That’s quite amazing, even though we are only playing in the Belgian league. The team is good and the sweeper keeper tactic of @9798Nikolai is doing the rest. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should!

What makes a keeper perform great in this tactic? I don’t know for sure, but it fits Eddy perfectly.

That’s it for today! Stay tuned for next week’s final episode. Can we achieve the treble and ultimate glory?

Enjoy your weekends! Tot volgende week!

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