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Hello! Monday is traditionally a rough day so what better way to ease you into the week than King Of The Rooks messing about in the editor. I’ll let him explain…

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to pull one of the many CM9798 ideas together. So, what is the plan here? Who are ‘The Scholars’? Teachers of the game…no. Our plan for this save is quite simple and also quite ridiculous.


  • We can only sign players in the ‘Player Search’ with their club marked as ‘Schoolboy’
  • We cannot extend any contracts; once the contract ends, the player ‘graduates’ and we must return to the pool of ‘Schoolboy’ players for recruits

Daft? Yes. Will we get very far? The prognosis from the blog squad is doubtful. Given we’ll have teenage goalkeepers, its likely to be something of a Michael Owen meets Neville Southall’s coaching school.

We make it to the first game with a squad of sorts. We’ve snapped up most of the best players. Some Under 21’s are available but they look atrocious.

There was only one ‘keeper and he only wanted a 1yr contract. Hopefully there’s another in July! Simao Sabrosa the pick of the bunch, and he’s a Wonderkid. He alone could get us out of Division 3. Our opening game against Notts County is a shambles. Every shot on target goes in. I can see the headlines now; “On His Todd”.

In the League Cup we turn around the Torquay tie but it was again hard going with our fragile ‘keeper bruised by the South Coast bullies.

Our next league game sees me take stock and a piece of my own advice. Only play players in the positions they were made for, even if it means having a random shape.

It works quite well. Karl Rose comes on and bags 3 assists.

We face Torquay in the return leg and well, that great first leg was a waste. Also no ‘keeper doesn’t work with Schoolboy players.

The next few results are liberating. And by liberating, I mean they liberate us from any ideas we had this might work!

Every shot we face goes in. We need something stronger than a carrier bag between the sticks. At least this guy is flying:

Back-to-back 4-1 defeats against Shrewsbury and Swansea call into account my sanity. We try a bit of 4-4-2 and it narrows the results down but we move from porous to a “can’t shoot, won’t shoot” mentality.

Will a Nikolai special turn things around?


We win at Doncaster! Although it’s a meeting of equals as they have many ‘grey’ players.

And with that, we’re not in the relegation zone, but we are steeped in trouble.

Can we find a tactical way out of this mess? The answer is probably no given the crap we have to contend with, but we’ll keep plugging away. If you are finding this save amusing, particularly that you can imagine me tearing my hair out, swearing profusely and punching the desk every few minutes the do come again!

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