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It’s Monday and Andrew is trying to keep children in the football league. Let’s go!

Welcome back to our little, if not completely crazy, experiment. Can a bunch of teenagers be successful in the CM9798 world? So far, the answer appears to be a resounding ‘no’. You can catch-up on the last episode here. The table doesn’t lie, we’re struggling.

We’ve moved to some variations of tactics master Nikolai over the last save but the rewards have been minimal. Admittedly we don’t have the positional stats to 100% deliver these innovations but it’s got to be better than getting smashed by 6,7 or 8 each week. This time out, we add a run to the ‘keeper.

It generates more accurate attempts up top, but no reward.

We could do without U21’s I swear.

We fall to an embarrassing 7-2 defeat at Colchester. And somehow (probably the benefit of playing 10-men) then manage a win out of nowhere.

We lose in the Windscreen Wiper Trophy, but I’m not worried about that, especially as we’re grouped with two Division Two teams. As ever, playing Torquay is if nothing entertaining.

Up at Rotherham things start as they mean to go on.

Bless him, he’s carrying the weight of the entire squad on that back.

We’ve decided we should be allowed to sign a proper ‘keeper in a bending of the rules. Robert Zabica, Anthony Betterton and Tiago are offered deals to join us at Grass Roots as a senior pro. Does it work…you know the answer.


Mansfield on the other hand. Whilst this is silly, I’d love to play Mansfield every week.

Cambridge though. Please never again.

In the FA Cup we get non-league Colwyn Bay in round 2. Great news. However, our key midfield duo are now both out.

Oh the joy of managing these boys week in week out. Even with a proper ‘keeper it makes no odds.

We pull on the away strip and live the FA Cup dream.

13,001 at the Drill Field to see this crap. Could be worse, could be Scarborough:

They are sporting a very good player in their ranks too, even if his stats have been purported to be fake.

We are up to our neck in s*** and the board are on our case.

I think this might be a very short experiment. We decide to go for another play against Brighton.

It has an instant impact, but we’re still terrible.

It’s Notts Forest and, similar to the opening day we get panned 4-1. The stats tell you that we just can’t catch a break either up top or at the back.

And with that, we’re half-way in and going nowhere.

It will take a miracle to pull ourselves out of this one. Even having older ‘keepers / better(ton) ‘keepers is not making a bit of difference. Our top scorer has 12 in 26, but the next best is 8 in 24. Please sir, can we have some more?

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