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Welcome along to another week of your 7th favourite CM9798 blog of the week.

Lets kick off with Arsenal taking on Lazio, I cursed Nath a few weeks back with praising him on here. Nath i’m sorry anyway Arsenal won this 3-2 thanks to Paul Davis again. Someone stop that man.

Barca take on Zaragoza next and what ever Paul Davis can do so can Ronaldo, That’s a sentence no one ever has ever written before. 3-1 Zaragoza.

Chelsea 2 Sampdoria 2 is a scoreline that really doesn’t help either manager, a red card to De Gey also doesn’t help Matt. Who really needs a lot of help with this team.

Man Utd just cant be stopped sadly for everyone in the league apart from Dean who’s loving life at the top of the league. Mark Hughes is back banging in the goals.

Another 2-2 this week this time between myself and PSG, a back and forth game which neither myself or Zak can come out on top of. It should be noted that Zak managed this game from a layby. That’s dedication.

Anther cup final, another trophy in the bag for Dean. 6-1 this time Ronaldo can’t match the firepower on show from Mark Robins and Brian McClair.

Back to league action as Lazio finally pick up another win thanks to Matt and his Chelsea losers (sorry Matt). 3-0 and another injury to a Chelsea CM.

Arsenal finally start to express themselves but how will they fair now that lynchpin Paul Davis is injured. I’m sure Paul Merson will make a suitable replacement.

It took 1 min for Man Utd to take the lead here and things only got worse when Sampdoria were reduced to 10 men ealy in the fist half.

A back and forth tie sees this one end in a fantastic draw for the neutral, Bremen missed a chance at the death to steal it but obviously they failed!

In front of a packed out La Romareda Zaragoza hold my Parma team to a 2-2 draw. twice taking the lead isn’t enough to hold on to 3 points for my Parma boys.

After clearly over extending themselves in the last game the 1-0 to the Arsenal are back, Kevin Campbell after 13 mins is enougth to win iit for them.

Barcelona and Man u have a ding dong battle in the first half, the second half not so much. 3-3 is our final score here another good result for the neutral.

Chelsea are back in action much to the dismay of Matt who goes up against Zaks PSG side The now safely at home Zaks side take home an impressive 5-2 victory dispite a brief fightback from Chelsea.

Another game and another victory from Arsenal this time beating Daves Bremen team 2-1 in this game.

Matt may be on the edge after this game from being 3-0 up half time against the 10 men of Zaragoza they somehow manage to lose 4-3. absolute chaos!

Are Lazio back? well after Zaks impressive 5-2 victory earlier he on the the other end of 5 goals in this on. It was all looking rosy at HT as well.

Then this happened. No I don’t want to talk about it.

The fianl game of the update is the more sedate affair between Sampdoria and Barca, It finishes 1-1 after all the action happens in ten second half minutes.

So after 7 weeks of football here is how things stand.

Finally for this week Nikolai asked to see what formation everyone is using so here they are.

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