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Happy Deano Day. The Littlejohn challenge moves into season 2 and Deano has been shopping…

In Season 1, Adrian Littlejohn smashed 22 goals for England but struggled somewhat with Man Utd. Well, it’s role reversal in Season 2.

Partly because Man Utd have an unbelievable squad setting up Littlejohn who has the front line all to himself. Look at this team, it’s not even fair. Eltonjohn could score goals in this team.

However, Legwinski and co can’t help the English National team. And I can’t cancel qualifiers to play meaningless friendlies either to play against part timers who barely know the rules. No. Littlejohn is going to have to play some proper games this season. Albeit the fixtures aren’t that scary.

I’m going to rattle through the season so try to keep up.

Littlejohn retains his Charity Shield with a win against Liverpool.

After all those goals and caps for England, Adrian Littlejohn gets a standing ovation at Wembley. There’s a win, but he can’t add to his tally.

He’s banging them in for Man Utd though.

A hattrick here…

A hattrick there…

Hattricks everywhere!

Destination – Belorussia

These qualifiers aren’t as fun as friendlies. They are tougher too. Littlejohn gets a goal but it’s only a draw for the 3 Lions.

L.J. has had a great injury record until now. He hobbles off against Inter and I fear the worst.

A month out. Not the end of the world.

He misses a few games for his club but is back just in time at 73% to play for his country. Gareth Bale would be proud.

Another game another goal for Littlejohn.

Littlejohn bags another hat trick, this time against Liverpool in the CL quarter finals.

Destination – Lithuania

He is struggling for England this year. A laboured performance against Lithuania

Back to Wembley and Littlejohn retains his League Cup with a goal against Newcastle.

That’s his 6th trophy for the Red Devils. Can he add another? It’s looking tough to turn around a first leg deficit to Barcelona in the Champions League. He struggled up top on his own with 10 men. Jorge Costa had his number.

However, it’s role reversal in the second leg as it’s Barcelona who go down to 10 men and L.J. gets the winner.

It’s Real Madrid in the final.

England vs Malta and Littlejohn is suspended so Mr Charisma Michael Owen nicks his goals.

The Premier League is won at a canter. Too easy.

There’s a chance of back-to-back domestic trebles but its defeat against Lads it’s Tottenham.

Destination – Germany

Champions League Final.

Now. This script could have gone any better if I knocked the game off & on a hundred times without saving. I didn’t by the way. Or did I? How would you know? You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Raul scores early on to give Madrid a deserved lead. Real are cruising then the main man Adrian Littlejohn equalises just before the hour mark. Real’s talisman Raul then gets injured and we’re pushing for the win. Littlejohn, as usual, misses a couple of guilt-edged opportunities so it’s going into extra time. Real go down to 10 men and despite peppering Contreras’ goal we can’t seem to find a winner. I’m getting ready to pick my penalty takers then Boom! Adrian Littlejohn scores the winner in the final seconds!

What a hero! We have a European Champion on our hands, ladies and gentlemen! Ladies? I don’t think many women like championship manager 1997/98, do they? Or maybe they do. I might identify as a woman and play in the Ladies CM Cup, might have a chance of winning a game then with my superior strength to move a mouse and whack the space bar.

Destination – Sweden

Finishing off the fixtures with England. It’s defeat in Scandinavia, but Littlejohn manages to grab another goal, and that’s the main thing.

Our final game is against Belorussia at home it’s a struggle to 3 points with 10 men.

Littlejohn retains the Football Writer and Top Scorer crowns. What a season he has had.

Final check in with his stats.

Much better this season terms of performances.

34 premier league goals to add to his 29… total of 63

Just the 3 goals for England this term though.

Join us next week when we will try book some piss friendlies for England. L.J. scored 22 in his first season if he could get something similar, this blog could be over soon!

Just realised I’ve gone the whole episode with only using CM screenshots, that’s a first.

Have a nice weekend all, have a beer or two. Cheers

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