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Hello and welcome back to Rome. We’ve had a summer of parties in Rome after we finally won the league last season! This season we want more of the same. The Coppa Italia would be nice and obviously all eyes are on the Champions League. Let’s crack on and see how we go.


Great start. We win the Supercoppa Italia for the first time. We sneak through in the Coppa Italia thanks to Totti. We open our league campaign with a commanding 3-0 win over Bologna.

We had to go to extra time but that is where Totti excels. He finally opens the scoring and has a hand in Sansone’s goal as well.


Bit of everything in September. The loss against Milan, it felt like anything we tried they bettered us. Barcelona showing us what a seat at the top table is all about.

We did have a great opening game in the Champions League before being humbled by Barca.


Another mixed bag of results. Drawing at Derby has thrown our European campaign into serious doubt. We also lose against Juventus in the league. We really need to start beating the Milan teams and Juventus regularly.

This was a Cup match for the ages. Ronaldo gave Inter a 2 goal lead before Totti pulled one back. I thought we were back in it until Cavasin made it 3-1 just before half time. In the second half we went in to top gear. Totti grabbed a 2nd then Rohart and Evangelisti scores 2 goals in 5 minutes to complete the turn around.


Well we go unbeaten but it’s mainly draws which doesn’t really help.

Totti leading the way once again in this.


2 wins in the league and we progress to the Coppa Italia Semi Finals which is great news. Unfortunately we finish 2nd in our Champions League group and aren’t one of the best 2nd placed teams so we bow out.

Easy street win against Napoli who are rock bottom and really struggling so far.


I won’t lie. Losing 3-0 at home to Pescara is the definition of Absymal!! We also lose to AC Milan then beat Torino.

Henry and Totti back on the scoresheet after poor showings against Pescara and Milan.


Our Coppa Italia curse continues. Perugia knock us out on penalties in the Semi Final. The loss to Empoli sees drop from 1st to 3rd. It’s so tight at the top. Those 5 games at the bottom starting with Inter, all those teams are top 7 so that should be a barrel of laughs!


No wins in March is a killer. We drop to 6th 6 points behind Juventus and only 4 games left.


3 wins and a draw to finish the season strong.

This was a classic! Napoli race into a 2-0 lead in the first 15 minutes and should have scored more before half time. In the second half we are different and in a glorious 20 minutes we turn the game around to make it 3-2. Roll has been injured all season so i’m delighted with his performance here. Was it enough to win the league again?

It’s not enough. That dip in March really cost us the title. Perugia won the Coppa Italia and finished 4th in a great season for them.

So that’s it for this season. We couldn’t quite recapture the league and the Coppa Italia remains an enigma. Join me next time for another assault on 3 fronts. I will leave you with the main man’s stats for this season.

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