It’s Coming Home Newcastle: One Last Shot P04 | @KingOfTheRooks

Andrew and the Newcastle United side of 1992/93 are in their end game for this save. If you’ve bothered to get this far then read on…

“Have no fear, we’ll be back again next” … week? No this is the final part in our saga to take the castoffs of Newcastle’s 1992/93 promotion season back to the Premier League as they are now in 1997/98. If you missed last week, you can catch up, here!

We’ve fallen way behind Fergie’s boys’ thanks do our capacity for drawing games. Can we reel them in with 10 games to go and an 11-point difference? Let’s find out…We’ll have to do some of it without Scott Sellars.

Derby rock up and we bring an absolute Keegan-esque game to the table. When he gets the ball and all that. King Cole.

We follow it one with a much gentler tapping of the hammers.

Appleby and Thompson do alright on the night. Fergie is feeling the threat and is up to more games.

We survive a scare at the Dons thanks to old King Cole. We Ardley had any shots which is worrying.

The next few games present a brutal schedule against teams in the top 5.

But first, the cup, and it goes swimmingly with the Micker continuing to get in on the action.

It’s Man United in the semi-finals. That’s a toughy. Too tough. Even with 10-men they have it easy. Franz Carr’s bandy legs winning him another foul and a goal.

And then, his season was over.

That is brutal, he has been the creative driving force behind our side. However, the Micker is happy to step up to the plate.

Whilst Andy Cole goes on to get 4 goals from 4 shots, the big news here is Ned Kelly’s first goal in two years finally arrives!

Everton are the next to get a slap down. Kendall calling? The sack perhaps.

When you can give Ray Ranson a run out, you know it’s been a good day! Another season is over before it should be:

Rob Lee will finally get a starting berth. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop!

Three without reply. The FA Cup and Champions League runs are taking their toll on Fergie’s boys.

We’ve finally claimed the top spot, but we’ll need some help to keep it.

A Cole-den goal seals the victory.

Man United have 3 top 5 teams left to play in Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal. Tough going.

We have 18th placed Sheff Wed and 16th placed Bolton. Squeaky bum time.

Squeak Squeak! Andy Cole the saviour to keep us in it. Kevin Scott’s season is now also over. A draw should give us the title. Please be kind Peter Beardsley and Shay Given. Please.

Ladies and gentlemen, please may I introduce, your heroes!

Beardo threatens to spoil the party briefly, but Tommy Wright holds firm. Champions on goal difference!

Man United scored 62 goals and about half of them were scored by Paul Scholes the p****. He’s cost the Micker the chance of topping the charts.

The vitals tell us we had a good spread of activity and performers.

Andy Hunt’s goals were on loan at Bristol City for the record.

And with that the dream has come true. You can take a bunch of bang average players and topple Man United in season one. Franz Carr is an absolute hero. Carr and Quinn took on the doubters and terrorised Premier League defences all season. I hope you’ve enjoyed this, as it’s really put me in the mood to resurrect Leeds United’s side that won the last First Division title pre-Premier League and attempt the same feat! See you next time!

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