It’s Coming Home Newcastle: One Last Shot P04 | @KingOfTheRooks

Andrew and the Newcastle United side of 1992/93 are in their end game for this save. If you’ve bothered to get this far then read on…

“Have no fear, we’ll be back again next” … week? No this is the final part in our saga to take the castoffs of Newcastle’s 1992/93 promotion season back to the Premier League as they are now in 1997/98. If you missed last week, you can catch up, here!

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It’s Coming Home Newcastle: One Last Shot P03 | @KingOfTheRooks

Another week of this you ask? Yes. And here’s Andrew with the class of ’93. Let him entertain you?…

Welcome back champs! Last time out we we’re deprived of our superstar Franz Carr and fell out of the Champions League running and scored less goals. We’re running Man Utd close though. You can catch-up here.

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It’s Coming Home Newcastle: One Last Shot P02 | @KingOfTheRooks

Andrew is back again this week with your latest fix of Newcastle United, as if you haven’t had enough. It’s bat s*** crazy, so here he is to catch you up…

Wey hello there! Welcome back to our attempts to revive Keegan’s Newcastle team of 1992/93 and throw them into the depths of the Premier League. If you missed it, you can catch up with part one here. So far, things are going swimmingly.

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It’s Coming Home Newcastle: One Last Shot P01 | @KingOfTheRooks

Ever wondered if Kevin Keegan was wrong to revamp the First Division winning side of 1992/93? No. Well, if there’s a question nobody has asked, then @KingOfTheRooks is willing to ask it. Here is is to explain…

Hello and welcome to another stupid idea that will be carried out in CM9798. That’s right, I’ve had time to think and that’s always trouble.

Kevin Keegan took Newcastle back to the topflight in his first full season at Newcastle with 4 early season signings and 3 late ones. He understandably went and dismantled the core of this squad and improved it over the next few years.

What if we got the band back together, to bring back the buzz of that glorious season for Toon fans, but 5 years later. Can a 37-year-old Kevin Sheedy or a 35-year-old Brian Kilcline cut it at the top table? Probably not. Hell, throw in Mick Quinn for good measure.

Here are your heroes:

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