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Andrew is back again this week with your latest fix of Newcastle United, as if you haven’t had enough. It’s bat s*** crazy, so here he is to catch you up…

Wey hello there! Welcome back to our attempts to revive Keegan’s Newcastle team of 1992/93 and throw them into the depths of the Premier League. If you missed it, you can catch up with part one here. So far, things are going swimmingly.

That said, we’ve been handed a pure f***** of a draw in the Champions League with Dortmund and Barca in our group. I think we’ll be exiting that one. We start this episode against 92/93 foes, West Ham.

The two Newcastle players fans would loved to have seen playing together get a double. Defensively, we’re sooo Keegan. The board are pleased, Kevin Brock’s joy is short lived:

We open our Champions League account here in woeful fashion. The Micker to blame.

As the League Cup gives us Premier League opposition, the great results keep rolling in…when he gets the ball he…oh.

Well…he…won’t be missed?

The reality is that’s brutal. It’s back to the Carr/Quinn alliance. And how!

Franz Carr is a deadly goal machine. Words never to have been uttered by a player of CM9798 before.

We speak too soon, but the Micker digs us out a result. I say digs, we were 2-0 up.

We get lift off in the Champions League as Ararat get the Franz Carr treatment. Alan Thompson picks up yet another injury and we manage a draw with table toppers Chelsea. The league cup goes well.

Killer makes his second debut, and despite being bang average, it pleases me a great deal. It will please you more to read Kevin Keegan’s Wikipedia page and the entry around the signing of Kilcline. Go on, do it. And just when you think things couldn’t get any better, boom, we are right back in it.

That said, I have a feeling 2nd won’t be enough.

We need to beat Barca and Ararat to have even a slim chance. And without Watson or Wright. Back in the league the old pairing continues to keep us happy.

Carr turns provider with 3 assists in a ding-dong with Blackburn. I think playing Sutton in defence helped us.

We scrape a result at plucky Leicester as Gavin Peacock gets us a solitary goal with a rocket immediately after being denied a foul. Oh s***.

Our talisman is injured. This is bad news. David Kelly, who hasn’t scored a goal in almost 2 years has to play instead. The Champions League dream is dead. Pizzi comes on at half-time and we’re done.

Big Ned really needs a goal.

We wrap up this update in the most fashionable way we can, a goal from the Micker and three points! It’s only two games, but it proves how reliant on Carr we are.

We’re still entirely in the Premier League race, but Man Utd have a superior goal difference to us that we’ll need to either overcome, or just win more games.

All in all, the board are delighted.

With only Rob Lee and Andy Cole earning more than 5k a week, the profits are rolling in as we’ve made £9m profit so far this season. The old boys are strutting their stuff. Let’s just hope we can keep the pace and push Man Utd all the way! See you next time champs.

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