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Ever wondered if Kevin Keegan was wrong to revamp the First Division winning side of 1992/93? No. Well, if there’s a question nobody has asked, then @KingOfTheRooks is willing to ask it. Here is is to explain…

Hello and welcome to another stupid idea that will be carried out in CM9798. That’s right, I’ve had time to think and that’s always trouble.

Kevin Keegan took Newcastle back to the topflight in his first full season at Newcastle with 4 early season signings and 3 late ones. He understandably went and dismantled the core of this squad and improved it over the next few years.

What if we got the band back together, to bring back the buzz of that glorious season for Toon fans, but 5 years later. Can a 37-year-old Kevin Sheedy or a 35-year-old Brian Kilcline cut it at the top table? Probably not. Hell, throw in Mick Quinn for good measure.

Here are your heroes:

We’ll take the philosophy of Kevin Keegan, and that means we’ll play attacking football and hope it sticks. The defence is, as ever in these Keegan sides, troubling. That Howey, Beresford and Venison are probably the best we have to offer tells a story in itself! We repeat the pre-season games of 1992/93:

Ned Kelly and the Micker cannot unlock Sporting’s defence. We follow it up with a radge game against ‘Boro.

The Micker redeems himself as the king of Hearts.

It’s looking like a long season is ahead after 30 minutes of carnage in York City’s favour, but a few tweaks have us rolling. This is how I want to see us play.

Our final preparation sees us roll into Doncaster and I allow the lads great prep by staying in the finest accommodation caravan Donny has to offer…and well.

WHAT A GOAL, FRANZ CARR!!! I hope we’ll be hearing more of that. After Ned Kelly’s injury and Andy Cole being out for six-weeks, FRL Carr gets a shot up top, purely for his pace, off-ball and dribbling skills. So, this is where we’ll start.

It’s one hell of a test to begin with as we take on Leeds. Shouldn’t have worried. Carr’s bandy legs get Martyn in all sorts of trouble.

The bonus thrown to these lads is we’re in with a shot of Champions League progress. Until Pav has a 5 and ruins things. Peacock’s goal leaves us in with a shout.

Another call out to Pav, who decided being on the bench at international level was better than playing in the Premier League, so we have to rely on…Tommy Wright…oh dear.

Dear oh dear…Aston Villa. What. A. Game.

Sellars will get the left wing-back spot on that 14-minute cameo. Dinamo come to St. James’ Park and get on the wrong end of some dynamite! And that dynamite is once again the bandy legs of Franz Carr who twists and turns his way to two opposition players sent off.

The draw is as unkind as it could have been:

But at least Andy Cole is back. We’ll bench him for now, the Micker and Franz have formed and unlikely but deadly partnership.

That said, “when he gets the ball, he scores a goal, Andy, Andy Cole!!!”

Big Franz with 3 assists and a goal and not getting man of the match? I mean yeah, 3 attempted passes in 90 minutes but we just ask him to run! We are rightly rewarded for our magnificent start.

With up-and-coming games against Arsenal and Liverpool, I relent and replace the Micker with Andy Cole. We need to be more clinical against teams that will batter the door down.

A first minute winner as Tommy Wright holds back the flood of Arsenal attacks. Ian Wright 0, Tommy Wright 1! It’s a tougher story against Liverpool, but, Roy Evans decides to sub Fowler and Owen at the same time, putting the game out of their own reach.

Thompson’s injury gives the Micker a way back in and pushes big Franz into a support role. Alan has been very promising:

With Steve Howey now injured too, we have to take on Dortmund with Watson pushed to CB and Rob Lee dropping into wing-back. It does not end well.

Those 4 yellow cards for Dortmund’s back line were all for trips on Franz Carr. Cole and Quinn don’t deliver, however. We pick ourselves back up and dust ourselves down by beating two CM9798 enigmas.

With that, most of the league are a quarter of the way through. It’s been a fantastic start, a million miles better than anticipated after pre-season.

Who knew that a group of bang average, past it players could push all the way so early? I look forward to giving 37-year-old Ray Ranson his second debut. Is it coming home Newcastle? Or is this an early fluke? Hang in there for more on the class of ’93.

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