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Welcome back to another week of fixtures littered with meaningless cup ties as the big boys of the Football League Trophy continue our battle to be top dog – if you missed it, you can catch-up here. The table is a bit odd given we’ve been snowed under in the cups; so, that in mind, here’s the graphic we never look at:

Dave and his Carlisle squad leading the points board and heading for a first MotM award. We start this week with a rare sight, some league action.

Apologies for the background image, apparently it was snowing when the Swans won back in ’94. Ken Barlow jumps of his sofa to earn Ross three points. In a classic tie for the ages, my own Grimsby side wrack their brains for 78 minutes before closing the deal.

Some daft Kent gives Zak the points against Dave’s Carlisle side.

Meanwhile, much to Nick’s annoyance, Phil’s managerless Birmingham side absolutely stuff his Rotherham side and we can only wonder how the f*** they won anything.

Finally for this match week, the biggest game of the day:

Jim Bowen shows Nathan what he could have won.


We’re back to the cups for a bit. They love a cup in Scotland. Celtic make Birmingham ’95 look like Champions League winners. Unfortunately for Nick, putting your defenders on pens doesn’t work.

Dave’s terrible league form evaporates for the cup. Neil Aspin’s entire family get injured playing for Carlisle but they still win.

I’d love to have something to say here that was funny. But Dundee Utd took away any need for that.

Rob gets in on the fun. Mark who?

And Matt also…nah, business as usual Matt? The Scottish Cremonese take the victory.

Back to the League

It’s another victory for Philip without even turning up. Some people have it easy. After the sending off we improved by playing 1-4-2-2. That might have to get a run out.

The s*** Birmingham don’t fair as well as Dave picks up points finally.

Stoke vs. Stoke. We should accept this blog has now peaked. Nathan is having a terrible time with these boys. Bless him.

The Swans avoid being eaten alive by Vale.

And to wrap up Ross’ Wigan side come back after dropping the embalmer. Vital points thrown away by Nick’s botherers.

So, the table looks a bit like this:

Dave’s cup exploits are rewarded as anticipated:

Another c*** getting rewarded for not showing up. Anyway, back to the league.

We all take great pride and credit in Dave’s victory, well done lads. Another big cheer as Rob extracts some points from Philip’s top quality Birmingham side.

It’s 3-points for me:

And it’s 3-points for him:

A Liddell less conversation a little more Aspin. That’s everyone on 4 games in the League. How does this fine blend of dog s**** look now?

Only Ross remains unbeaten in the league so far. It’s looking hopeless already for Nick as 2-3-1-2-2 just not paying off. There’s a definite divide starting to appear but can any of 6th to 8th hang on to the group above?

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