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Hello, and welcome back to what happens when you run out of ideas. We’ll try and bring some entertainment out this week, but it’s tough up here in the Scottish third division. If you missed last week, you can peel your retinas off with a bic razor here.

The cups are back, which means little to no league action in this here episode. News just in:

It’s Zak to basics for the artist formerly known as iPad 7. Elsewhere, Nick’s squad is trimmed again.

We do start with an absolute shocker of a result in the league. Some guy hammers my Grimsby side.

After being 4-0 up after 33 minutes Dave’s Carlisle switch off completely.

Anthony Caig conceded every shot he faced. Martin Thomas didn’t fair much better, saving one. The years keep coming and they don’t stop coming. And by years, we mean goals.

That’s an unfortunately terrible two games for Dave. We’re back in Scots Cup action. Rob kicks us off. It’s fife nil.

The goals dry up as I can’t beat 10-men playing one at the back.

The board are furious. I am furious. Liam Daish is furious and gets himself sent off. Nick’s Rotherham renaissance under 4-4-2 continues. With the Goat out suspended, little Bobby does the job. He’s cooking on propane.

Ross spoils it for us all with a replay.

It’s game over for one of the Paul Taits.

Back in League actions, Ross does what I can’t and beats Philip’s Birmingham. Well and truly beaten.

Not f****** Birmingham again. Come on. 18-year-old Sean Francis steps in for the injured Gayle who is already a stand in.

Nathan does what he does best. Loses.

Matt Jansen is on fire as he scores goal number 9 in 3 games. Worth noting Rob had 3 of his best players suspended for two games here. Clearly the back-ups are poor.

Like a fine wine, this next game was overpriced and overegged. Bobby keeps cooking on propane pushing for a place in the team.

Despite that heavy defeat, Rob is our next new manager of the month. Well done Rob!

Ross’ Scots cup replay ends in defeat. A very late defeat.

We finish with three more league games. First up the Birmingham derby.

Liam Daish scores an own goal in anger. I take another battering for the evening.

And Nathan rounds us up with an unexpected win and no goals from Peter Thorne.

And with that, the league table has barely moved.

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