Football League Trophy Manager 97-98 – P13: The Final Whistle | @KingOfTheRooks & The Blog Squad

Hello there! Welcome to the final in our series, Football League Trophy Manager. It has been glorious. And by glorious, we mean tedious. Who knew managing s**** players and not being allowed to improve your squad could be so frustrating. If you want to catch up on last week, knock yourself out here.

With 4 games to go Rob is the champion, and 2nd place and last place still to play for. The champions don’t let up despite having nothing but records to play for.

Ipad7 holds Manager Unknown to a draw.

Speaking of draws, what an entertaining end to the season…

My goat gets us going for that 2nd place. Arise Sir Lee Nogan.

While Ross keeps his unbeaten record when not joining the zoom.

The text flashed that Jim Bowen couldn’t keep it down, a thought nobody wanted to cross their mind. Even for a speed boat. At this stage I could plausibly secure 2nd place after this set of games. We’ll see. Next up it’s the Birmingham derby and Manager Unknown takes the plaudits.

In the age of remote working, Philip just doesn’t give two s****. Van der Laan finally comes to life for Zak.

Nick really has lost the will to live. Rotherham have been poor.

Ross’ AWOL behaviour continues to pay off and keep him off bottom place.

9-men and still getting a point vs. the champions. The second round of fixtures is wrapped up as one Matt breaks another’s heart with a late winner.

As ever the champion gets manager of the month. It’s just rubbing salt in the wounds of an almost 20 point lead.

Grimsby win, Stoke ’92 and Carlisle draw. Nick’s Rotherham beat the Swans 2-1 and a Ross free Wigan beat Manager Unknown 2-0. The peak result:

Nathan’s boys have 9 in two games. We secure 2nd place.

In the final round there are 3 one all draws. Birmingham ’91 and Carlisle, Grimsby and Wigan (Ross should have stayed away all season), and champions Stoke ’92 and Swansea. Zak’s Vale and Deano’s Birmingham ’91 go out with a bang.

And that’s a wrap, we have our final standings.

Let it be known that Stoke ’92 were a class above the rest. Especially Paul Barnes.

And with that, I hope you’ve enjoyed our stupid experiment. We’ll end as usual with a word from our most revered analyst.

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