Merthyr Part-X Outlet. Part 2: Nathan Jones tries to Banger Bird | @Emsonite

Oh. Oh. Oh.

Good morning. We’re in Barry Island for our last friendly before the season starts. 3 new players to work into the team from the exchange of Jarman last week.

Gillespie and Aizlewood have a combined age of 74. 

When I look at a 37 year old on this game I think fuck me, you old cunt. Without a hint of irony that I’m 3 years older in real life.

Anyway Big Bad Barry are swatted aside like a hundred fly corpses that have dared entered my kitchen during this hot and sticky weekend. As a reward my lads are given a cup of 2p coins to play Tipping Point in the arcade with Nessa.

I’ve transfer listed most the players to try and generate interest. Currently no-one is wanted so there’s not a lot I can right now do apart from play some games.

Our first home game at Penydarren Park ends all square with Hull. Not a bad point.

League Cup action next and we’re 3 down after 14 mins. Keeping the same formation but subs made and swapping some players around. Devine intervention you might say.

We win 3-4.

So Rees is better than Thomas & Abraham is better than Bodin. This is good. Getting to know my players. Don’t think i’ve had any of them before. I’m stuck with this lot for the time being. Still no interest from any other clubs.

We hammer Lincoln. Nathan Jones is off the mark and is off to Koolers that night to try and Banger Bird.

We see off Barent in the second leg despite Devine’s best efforts. He’s dynamite in the lower leagues, fair play to him. 

Saw a girl with a nice pair of Bangers but the missus scowled to Warner off.

Mansfield are whipped by our big Merthyr dick.

Nathan Jones is loving life at the moment.

More games:

Merthyr 2 -2 Hartlepool

Exeter 1 – 1 Merthyr

Merthyr 1 – 0 Barnet

Oh good. 2 players are wanted. Abraham is being coverted by Plymouth & Oxford.  Graham is in Norwich’s wank bank.  

Abraham is valued at £375k. Oxford dont have anyone available more expensive than that, so they aint going to work. Plymouth have Carlo Corazzin available. But at £2.3m. I’ve only got £1m in the bank so they aint going to work either. I’ll bide my time on him then.

Norwich only have Mills (£275k) available but Graham is valued at £1m. So I’ll have to bide my time again.

Scunthorpe 0 – 3 Merthyr

Merthyr 2 – 0 Peterborough (League Cup)

Peterborough 1 – 3 Merthyr

Top of the league after 10 games. 

Plymouth still want Abaraham and a player within the right value is available. Saunders looks good as well. Generally you can buy players from a league above with not much hassle. And with a 7.33 average at a higher level he’ll be a good signing for us in Div 3, and I already know he can cut the mustard in Div 2 if we get promoted.

The Part-Ex bid goes in.

More games.

Merthyr 1 -1 Cambridge

Darlington 0 – 3 Merthyr

Mark Saunders agrees to discuss terms. Abraham agrees. The Part-Ex is going through. 

Thats a good trade. And the boss agrees.

A good place to end it this week. Join us next week to se how Saunders does. I’m rather enjoying this save so far. Toodle-doo.

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