Merthyr Part-Ex Outlet. Part 9: I’d lose Lovell just to beat them. Lovell. | @Emsonite

Steve Vickers appreciation post. The man has been exceptional.

A fully fit squad for the first time in a long time. And results are starting to go our way. 

The playoffs might be a realistic aim.

This next trade is a gamble. Japanese youngster Sam Winston can have a high ceiling. But he can also be very shit. Lovell, who has been okay, moves on and I get £800k in the process.

The jury is out. No skateboarders are hurt. Yet. 

That’s right. Don’t get too comfortable. I might set the Pole on your ass.

This bastard thinks he’s playing for CD Dons.

Blackburn sign Turner (Overson) on a big-clubber against my will. Motherfuckers.

Rovers obviously didn’t get the memo. They owe us a player now. The only one I can get is Purse on loan. He’ll provide cover at both ends of the pitch for the time being. I’m still taking another Blackburn player for £2.1m or less when I can.  That’s the rules. Roy Hodgson broke them, not me.  

Shit is brown and Brown is shit. Cutting my losses on our record signing. 

Terrible trade he turned out to be.

Whoops. Watch out for that log.

Surprisingly we find ourselves in the League Cup Semi Final. And we snatch a late draw at the Stadium of Light. 

Winston gets his first goal. He’s very happy with himself.

Alas, we’re heading out in the second leg then Winston bags another 87th minute equaliser and Griffo sends us to Wembley!


Can these but of part-Ex’s win silverware. European football?

Ah. Maybe not.

We’ve been stuttering in the league of late and now we’ve lost out LB to injury. Forcing a change of tactics. Will the middle solve the riddle?

It does. A much needed win against table-topping Wednesday.

4th. 8 points off 2nd. But only 3 points away from 9th. 13 games to play.

The crowd was 2 people off capacity for that one. Surely they could dragged two people in off the street to make it a full house.

After a slow start, Winston is starting to come good. And all of a sudden we’re starting to score lots of goals as a result.

Decided to cash in on Oakes. He wasn’t a legitimate trade anyway. Rae & Ord + £1m is good business.

Both come straight into the team as we are decimated by injuries and suspension. A familiar face, Litteljohn, takes advantage.

Oh Adrian. Bargain Hunt called they want their golden gavel back

I sold Oakes because I saw this opportunity. Veart is class. Perfect in the hole player. 32-year-old Mccarthy is past is and takes off £600k off the bill.

Good trading

Big game against 2nd place Huddersfield. We’re 5 points behind them. Veart scores twice on his debut to leave automatic promotion a real possibility.

We finish this episode with the small matter of the League Cup final.

Man Utd look scary at first sight but there’s weaknesses there. Shearer & Beckham are both inexplicably shit on this game. Blomqvist MC really? Neville left CB. 442 passing.. and Culkin in goals. Get your shots off boys.

It’s great advice as Griffo scores within 5 minutes. Culkin goes Home Alone and Utd are left with a random Greek guy in nets. This game is often about the keepers. Ben Roberts has a stormer and we run out comfortable 3-nil winners. Griffo hat trick!

More in hope than expectation. But Merthyr win the League Cup!

It’s no fluke either.

Into Europe.

I’m going for shandy after that.

Join us next time to see if we can gain promotion. 5 points between 2nd – 8th.

But it’s in our own hands…

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