Merthyr Part-X Outlet. Part 11: No Europe? | @Emsonite

Hello there. Hope Saturday is treating you well. 

Got some business to do so we can compete in the Premier League. It’s not easy though. We’re having to look to the lower leagues. 

The first trade we do is take a young promising Aussie midfielder from Burnley. Thomas goes the other way.

If you remember Blackurn owe us a player. 32 yr old Martin Dahlin is running out of contract and we pick him up for £6k

Scargill out with two Bury players in. That’s decent. 

Going well so far.

Jose Andrade retires. I’m going to pick up a Portuguese freebie in his place.

Err no I’m not. No one is interested at all. 

Ooh. New seats. 

First game in the top flight.  0-0.

Another draw against Sheff Wed before we pick up our first win vs Derby.
Forbes looks like he could be useful as an AM C. 

Injuries to our Japanese front two means a switch around. Forbes comes in for his debut. And what a debut it is playing in the hole. 

Unearthing young gems from the lower leagues is the way. 
Maybe not. He has a poor next game and we only win when he comes off and Veart goes back into the hole. Dahlin gets back to back goals. Winston will struggle to get back into the team at this rate.

This seems to be the strongest team I can put out. 

Still unbeaten until the boys go CD Dons on us. Down to 9 men after 14 mins. Surprised it was only 3-0.

1-1 against the Villa. Will take it.

Newsome off again. Roberts wins us another point. 

Jurgen Klinsmann. Meh.  

Man Utd get our revenge after mistakes from us at at both ends.

Taking a punt on Edinho. He always seems to score past me. Plus Lucketti isn’t cutting the mustard.

One thing that’s bothering. Why am I not in Europe? Won the League Cup last season. Is it because we are Welsh? Maybe it’s because I insulted the nation of France. I stand by my uneducated opinions.

Perhaps this will be sorted after the International break. I’m playing one more game then will lodge a formal complaint to the Collyer brothers. 

We take our frustrations out on Wimbledon. Edinho came on to get an assist. It’s a good win.

Wrapping up this episode in 9th place. Can’t complain about that. 

Join us next week to see how we get on for the rest of the season and see if they will let us into Europe. 

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  1. I’m sure I’ve seen teams win the league Cup and be relegated in the same season who aren’t in Europe the following year, so there may be something about division 1 as well.

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