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The Last Roman – Part 15: Giving Others A Chance | @FMCM_FC

Welcome to Tuesday where Nath is still basking in the glory of Roma landing a European trophy. The awards speak for themselves…

Hello. Welcome to the Tuesday club which happens to be in Roma at the moment. We are about to embark on Season 4 with Mr Totti and Co. We finally won some silverware last season in the form the UEFA Cup! Totti scoring the winner of course. Now we need to win domestically which is ridiculously difficult given Juventus and both Milan teams are super clubs! But we have to try. So let’s crack open season 4.

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The Last Roman – Part 13: Silverware At Last? | @FMCM_FC

Hello! Here as ever on this Tuesday timeslot is Nath, a stallion of a man who might be just about to break down some walls with Roma…

Hello. It’s Tuesday so that must mean we are in Rome with Totti and friends. We are coming to the end of Season 3 and so far have zero silverware. Unless you count Totti winning European Footballer of the year. We are top 4 in the league again and into the Quarter Finals of the UEFA Cup. So let’s see if we can win something this season.

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The Last Roman – Part 12: More Draws Than Ikea!

The longest International break on record may continue but still trying to get you through is Nath, whose Roma team are showing signs of challenging. Can they keep progressing?

Hello. Welcome back to another Tuesday in Rome. In the last update we made steady progress in the league and hold leads from our first leg in the UEFA Cup and Coppa Italia. So let’s crack on and see if we can keep up the fight on 3 fronts.

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The Last Roman – Part 11: Yordadis better than my dad | @FMCM_FC

Roma have been in a good place recently, can Nath continue their form this week?

Hello and welcome back to Rome for another Tuesday guiding Roma and Totti to glory, Hopefully!! In the last update we made a turbulent start to season 3 with 3 wins and 4 draws in the league. We have progressed in the Coppa Italia and UEFA Cup though which is pleasing at this early stage. So let’s crack on with Today’s update.

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The Last Roman – Part 10: The Best On The Continent | @FMCM_FC

Hello and welcome to Tuesday! Here’s Nath with another positive looking Roma update…

Hello and welcome back to your Tuesday Italian treat as we continue with the conquest of winning it all with Totti. We had heartbreak again as Totti lost another cup final, this time the Cup Winners Cup Final. We did have a much better league league campaign though finishing 3rd. Before we move on to Season 3 we have some end of season 2 news. Firstly Totti grabbed 2 more for Italy with wins over Yugoslavia and Israel in the Euro Qualifiers. Then it was awards time.

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The Last Roman – Part 8: Fight for Europe | @FMCM_FC

Whisper it quietly but Nath is approaching something that looks like form. Totti is leading the charge but they start with a tough trip to Turin…

Hello and welcome back to another Tuesday in Rome. In the last update Totti was banging the goals in for fun as we continued are solid start to the season. We slipped off top spot but we are still in the hunt for Europe which is much better than last seasons relegation scrap. Let’s see how we go in this update.

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The Last Roman – Part 7: Hot Totti | @FMCM_FC

Here’s Nathan to brighten your Tuesday with Totti’s quest for trophies

Hello All and welcome back to Rome as we continue season 2 trying to win as much as possible with Totti. In the last update we made a good start to the season and find ourselves in second place in the league and in the 3rd round of the Coppa Italia which is up first.

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