Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 10: When V2’s Collide  | @RossBell__

Thursday will always be Cup Winners Cup, even though it hasn’t been around for over 20 years. Here’s Ross keeping it alive for another week…

Here we go again, Lets get right in to the action so you can go and read the other better posts on this site because the rest of the team are absolutely killing it recently.

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Stuttgarter Kickers: Road to Tokyo – Part 12 | @Winkveron

Happy hump day. Here’s Dan with the latest from Stuttgart, where the Kickers are looking to retain the Bundesliga…

Our main focus this season is the Champions League.

We strengthen with a great summer of business. The regens of Mons-Ivar Mjelde, Paolo Maldini and Luis Enrique come in for less than £2m combined.

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The Last Roman – Part 18: Nearly Men Again | @FMCM_FC

Good day to you. How’s your Tuesday going? It’s about to get even better as here’s Nathan with Roma…

Happy Tuesday all. Welcome back to Rome as we look to finish off Season 4. We are currently 2nd in the league, 5 points adrift of Juventus. We also have the Coppa Italia Final to look forward to as well. So let’s dive in.

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The World According to Warnock | Episode 1 The Art of Management | @CornishZak

New week, new blog! Zak is making a return (Return of the Zak) but what’s he up to?

“The art of management has not changed. The art of it is still 80 to 90 per cent man-management. It is just a matter of getting the best out of what you have got.” Neil Warnock.

Hero or villain? Friend of foe? Football league legend or Premier league failure? Neil Warnock is certainly A divisive figure who you’ll either love or loathe. No matter which way you sway, there’s no denying his managerial record is an impressive one and his (most) recent retirement declaration will be both applauded and bemoaned up and down the UK.

41 years. 18 managerial posts. 1603 matches. 8 promotions. One Colin Wanker. [Sorry… Neil Warnock].

So, why here and now on #CM9798? Fortunately for you lot there’s a Plymouth Argyle-supporting blogger on the books who’s partial to a bit of Colin. Let’s honor his managerial achievements the Champ man way!

The Challenge: Neil Warnock’s kid brother, Niall, is on the managerial market. Sibling rivalry denotes that he must outdo his his brother at every turn, so will spent the first season biding his time before taking over the *randomly generated newly promoted team.

*Random normally means Kidderminster Harriers. Let’s see.

  1. Win double promotion from Division 3 to Division 1 with the newly promoted team (replicating Warnock’s success with Notts County from 1989-1991).
  2. Get promoted again from Division 2 with a new team. (As per Huddersfield 1995).
  3. Drop back to Division 3 and get promoted with an unfancied team (See Plymouth Argyle 1996).
  4. Get three teams promoted to the Premier league (as per Sheffield United 2006, QPR 2011 and Cardiff 2018).
  5. Take over a Division 1 team at the foot of the table post-Christmas and perform a Houdini escape act (See Rotherham 2016).
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Out of the Box Barnsley – Part 21: Revenge

Good morning and welcome to the final episode of season 7. If you are 20 episodes behind, the gist is that we’re playing on the pre-patch version and Barnsley, usually hopeless Barnsley, have been to the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, we briefly slipped off the peak thanks to Barcelona but now we have the chance to continue our ascent.

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