AFC United – Part 34 : The Winner Takes It Hall | @Matt_C_Wills

Happy Monday! Here’s Matt twisting all of our melons with the end of another AFC United season and the race for records is on…

449. That’s how many goals David Brown has scored for AFC United.

It’s our final season with the guys Fergie deemed surplus to requirements (well, mostly. I have Rio Ferdinand but he’s been shut out by Danny Hall). Anyway, we left things last week having hauled ourselves to the top of the table and with interest still in the FA Cup and Champions League.

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Out of the Box Barnsley – Part 1: Bucket List

Something I am always asked is what I think the greatest challenge is in CM9798. This blog has seen people push the boundaries of that answer, with weird and wonderful scenarios created to test managerial mettle alongside some of the more classic challenges. Between myself and various members of the blog squad, we’ve toppled the Old Firm, we’ve taken a side with no players from Division 3 to the top and taken various struggling nations to World Cup 98. I could go on.

My answer to that question for many years was to keep Barnsley up in season 1. KOTR did it without even making a signing, which is all the more impressive. It’s something I’ve never managed to achieve, I usually get worn down very early on and give up. Not only do I want to keep them up, I want to take them to the Champions League winners enclosure. For ultimate authenticity, I’ve even loaded up the out of the box version of the game. I assume the gameplay is not hugely different but the squads are maybe not as you expect. Asprilla is still at Newcastle, Southall is still at Everton but most importantly, Man Utd’s squad is so overloaded they have to release some of their kids immediately. More on that later.

Barnsley have an uninspiring set of lads, to put it kindly.

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The Unexpected Champions – Part 14 | @verbist_philip

Hallo allemaal!

After a hectic week with a closed school and children getting sick, I am glad it is finally weekend. In Lier everything is going well. We keep occupying the first place in the league and our CL Group Stage draw makes us dream!

The Champions League that’s where we start today’s update. After 2 wins last week against Galatasaray and Montpellier, FC Croatia is not able to slow us down. We keep our perfect record.

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CD Dons – Episode 14: Spanish Stitch Up | @Emsonite

Deano did the seemingly impossible and led a hostile takeover of La Liga. With CD Dons now the Champs they can attract the best of the angry mob…

Recap of Rules & Objectives

  • Vinny Jones captain.
  • Only players with Aggression 18+ allowed
  • Hurt the opposition; fan prizes for sending offs, opposition injuries and total disciplinary points.
  • Thug-o-Meter; every CD Dons game is won, drawn or lost on injuries and cards (5 for a red, 3 for an injury, 1 for a yellow). +3 pts for a win, -1 for a draw, -3 for a loss. At the end of the season, I need to be in positive points, or I’ll get the sack.
  • Beat last season’s tally of +45
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The Blog Squad FC – Part 15 | @RossBell1984

Happy hump day. Here with an exciting culmination to the season is Ross, who is close to taking the Blog Squad to the top of the mountain. Can they?!

I’m back yet again with part 15 of the blog squad adventure. When I last left you we had closed in on the run into the season in 4th position. Let’s round up our first ever EPL season before i give you a round up of all the bloggers next week before I take a break until 2022.

I still can’t believe that Huddersfield are in the EPL, lets hope by the end of this update they aren’t anymore. We help them on their way with a 3-1 win and the now customary Andrew Red Card.

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Bottoms Up – Part 20: At The Double | @FMCM_FC

The Upside Down League had been a breeze for Rangers but Europe has been a tougher assignment. Can they restore some pride in the second half of the season?

Hello everyone and welcome back to upside down Glasgow. We’ve stormed through the leagues in Scotland and won the Premier League. In the last update we got a horrible draw in the Champions League and narrowly lost out to AC Milan. We then got knocked out of the UEFA Cup after a very poor 1st leg. So for this update we will whizz through the second half of the season.


We start the new year with a fantastic 4-0 win at Ibrox against Albion Rovers and a 3-0 win against Dundee. Bakayoko and Negri finding their shooting boots early doors.

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AFC United – Part 33: Matt_C_TheFinishLine | @Matt_C_Wills

Our time with Matt is coming to an end. In this save anyway, I don’t mean that to sound sinister. Happy Monday everybody

We’re reaching the end of the road of this fun experiment into the parallel lives of Man Utd hereos and their team mates who never quite made it. We’ve won the lot, but our aim now is to get Danny Hall to 800 club games and David brown to 450 club goals, but is time running out?

Our league form is patchy, so one more league title might be beyond us unless we have an upturn in performances soon

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The Retirement Academy – Part 36: Retirement Age

Hello! It’s that wonderful time again where we enter the final part of a season. In blogs gone by, we’d call it squeaky bum time and it would start in March. Here in Holland, the time for arse clenching begins in January because the calendar is not well weighted. Is that relevant? No. However, the Retirement Academy have a lot of clenching to do with every trophy still up for grabs. All or nothing? Some? We write our own narrative here. Let’s remind ourselves of the table:

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The Unexpected Champions – Part 13 | @Verbist_Philip

Hallo allemaal!

Welcome to our 5th and final season around the Zimmer tower in the city of Lier. We became the hot spot of Belgian football after 5 consecutive titles. Except when we hear the word “Cup”, that’s when we start shivering a bit.

But that’s the past. Dream big, especially when the world is called cm9798. A treble, how sweet would that be. Are you ready for a Mission Impossible? I am. And the lads are as well.

We have a top striker called Lilian Compan. He should give us goals. Last season a few excellent regens came to surface: Klews (Matthaus), Jesus (Nadal) and last but not least Dadason (Gudjohnsen). If you want to join the team, you’ll have to be a top player.

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