The Wonderkids – Part Twenty-Eight: You’ve Got To Roll With It

Happy hump day! Here’s Andrew with the latest from The Wonderkids

Hello and welcome back again to The Wonderkids! You can catch up with last week here where we continued to, unusually for us, cruise through the league season and have a laughably non-existent battle with our nemesis Bryan Robson and also with the Wonderkids B team. Here’s a reminder of the table:

We’re a bit thin in defence as we start our…ahem…defence of the FA Cup…

Thankfully it is against 3rd Division opposition and we walk it. We have the run of the mill…

It’s the not so Super Cup again, and in typical CM9798 cup fashion, we face the same opposition…again. A win, away. But that’s only the Havre of it!

It’s far from over as Manninger kept this pesky regen at bay for most of the game and we don’t seem to like playing at the slicer much lately.

Thankfully, there is Beto to be had back in the Premier League as the Queens Park Mounties get it handed to them.

Still, f***s me off that this guy always scores against us. How? Why?

A record appearance holder rolls back the years as he steps off the bench for his 300th appearance for the Wonderkids, marking it with a goal.

Here’s to 300 more!

We as ever, love a cup replay so decide to draw 0-0 with lowly Palace in the FA Cup 4th round. It means we’ll play them three times in a matter of weeks. Delightfully undelightful. It just…gets…better. Somebody find our pedestal please?

I Carnot believe it’s not better. What a come down this season has been. I think I preferred it when we struggled in the league and walked it in the cups! What next…what do you think?

Ourselves and Palace vying to be the next big thing…in the art world #drawspecialists. The board are only very pleased with our league position…how much higher do they expect us to be?

A number of the squad remain unhappy; Weaver, Sorenson, Van der Schaaf, Pinto, Lauchlan, Almeida, Bak-Jensen, Sabrosa, Billing…the list goes on. The rotation policy is killing me. Palace just won’t lay down and die…

…but we have enough. Ron Atkinson’s Arsenal don’t adhere to the Keegan way and let us win. We’re all shook up after a 51st minute shock equaliser.

We get the harsh end of the Champions League draw as we’ll face a still terrifying Ronaldo.

Still, at least the FA Cup defence marches onwards.

It’s two doubles, that’s how you celebrate! We’ll catch up with Bryan Lolson and his resurgent Man Utd who are now getting light headed up in 11th.

Something stinks and it’s our forward line.

Blackburn are 4th so it’s not a terrible result…oh wait…

…that’s right, we’re held to a standard where even 1st place isn’t good enough in the League. How could I forget. We close this update against 18th Everton and we’re back on the shorts.

It’s nice to score 4, but we left it late and we had to come from behind. Do I not like this. We’re having a terrible follow up season, the league is our only blessing and even then we’ve dropped from a 10 point lead to a 7 point lead.

The heat is on. An FA Cup, Champions League, Club World Cup and Premier League quadruple might suffice for the board and save my skin. But it’s going to be some effort to get it over the line. Do join us next week to see whether we can rescue the season.

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