The Wonderkids – Part Thirty: A High-Line in the Sand?

It’s hump day and the Wonderkids are here to try and continue their good form into a new season. Over to Andrew…

So here we are, season eight. Our 5th Premier League year. Our rivals will be hoping it is 5th time unlucky. Our ageing Wonderkids (can we even call them kids anymore?!?) are approaching 30, as are the players on our shortlist, bar a few exceptions. We’ve chopped up the deadwood with Billy Mac, Balling and Alex Martin banished to the B kids. If you missed it, you can catch up with last season here.

In addition to the trimmed squad we make a minus man addition from the Swans:

We start the season against last season’s runner-up and emerging rivals Wolves in the season opener. They boast Signori’s regen up top and he is lethal.

We were home and dry but for a late collapse, the penalties were forgettable. Trophy number Juan in the bag Mario!

We’re sticking to 2-3-1-2-2 for the time being but it does feel risky. Next up its poor Joke Innear, still holding onto his job.

The loss of Constantino is significant as he’s our only reliable right-back. Pinto is back at the English riviera for the season and van der Schaaf has faded. Next up, we let Alex Martin go, and he’s back to prove…oh wait yeah, he’s diabolical…

I’d say we conned Liverpool out of £2m. Bing is averaging a 5.66 after three games, another worry. Has his time at the top come? He has been punching for years. We stick with a Merseyside theme, and Rose knocking Myhre out changes the game:

We manage a poor draw at Palace who can call on Ballack and minus man Kenny Lunt to name a few. The table is tight at the top:

Sheff Wed led by star player, minus man and England captain Jamie Day…

Hmm…our Champions League draw tells us that someone at UEFA does not like us.

After a tweak in the Palace game earned us our point, we bring it into play for the next game:

Playing a high line will be risky but may well be rewarding. Chelsea have former B kids Bisgaard and Howe, now England’s no. 1. Manninger gives away two penalties but it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is Ramirez will be out for 7 months with a broken leg. Excellent. Curiosity gets the better of me…these managers have collectively less trophies than me…

…and then there’s Bryan Lolson…

…and Phil Babb…who hasn’t had a managers job yet.

We overcome 2nd placed Sheff Wed 1-0. As per Merseyside, we have a Yorkshire double and it just about makes me happy.

The Champions League starts well as an ageing Ajax are no match for our Wondergentlemen.

We will persist with the tweaked 2-3-1-2-2 for now. Seven years down the line and the Moldovan Romanian continues to do his Coventry thing. What a pest.

We love to entertain the home fans. Love to.

Injury continues to interrupt the season, he’s Bak and forth from the injury table.

My Champions League worries disappear. Last years contenders are having a terrible season. Baldari is kept quiet.

Following our European trip to Birmingham, we’re off to…Birmingham. This game, these fixtures. Fruit is full. We’ve not lost yet under the new formation.

We sit in a fantastic place, top of our Champions League group, and top of the Premier League.

And yes, the top 6 have some fantastic ‘keepers. It’s a great start, the board are delighted. But we never get a manager of the month award in the first half of the season…and we’ve never managed to top the reputation charts. The goals are flowing, and we look nicely set for 4-5 players with 10 plus goals. Things feel a bit fresh, like a pair of brand-new trainers. That can only spell disaster…or does it?

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