The Wonderkids – Park Twenty-Six: Beto Luck Next Time

Hump day! King of the Rooks is back in the saddle with the latest season for the Wonderkids.

Hello…are you still with us? Welcome back to The Wonderkids! Here we are about to commence season 7 of our adventure, we’ve won the Premier League three times on the bounce and the FA Cup, League Cup, Charity Shield and Champions League two times on the spin also. If you missed last week, you can catch up here. Can we keep it going? Well…we’ve got competition…

A wonderful blip in the game has allowed the B-Team to be promoted to the Premier League with us. We wanted a new dimension, well we bloody got one! We’ll face Le Harve in the Super Cup again and these boys in the Club World Cup:

We’ve managed to make some wonderkid additions:

The annual curtain raiser arrives. It’s Nicky Weaver vs. Luke Weaver, minus man vs. minus man, The Wonderkids vs. West Ham…and we start in abysmal fashion. Somehow, pretty much averaging a 6 for every player, West Ham proceed to win…

Well…there goes doing it better! It doesn’t take long to get revenge…

Ulrika gets a recall and pulls the winner out the bag. There are some words for Parry. The Park Rangers arrive and take their rubbish with them.

I remember why I dropped Nicky Weaver despite his good ratings. He’s been borrowing Sorenson’s Lurpak again.

We have twenty shots at the palace but the guards never arrived. Sometimes I wonder how Rose and Ramirez even manage 30 goals?!?

For once we get a fairly straight forward group in the Champions League. Clearly an ominous sign. Charity didn’t start in the Shield so it won’t start in the CL.

Keegan still gives us a scare despite being jealous of our arsenal.

They say twenty is plenty…

So far the reserves don’t look showing us up but they’re competitive. I’ll take a start like that after the last two seasons!

Blackburn succumb to the Wonderlads and we maintain our strong start. We’ve been tracking one minus man who has a phenomenal track record…

It would appear he has been well scouted by the CM9798 team…

We open our Champions League campaign against our only serious competition in the group. At half-time we are flying. The game ends 4-1.

A 1-0 against Everton keeps us on track. The Wolves are at the door but Joke Innear is having a torrid start to the season.

We’re offered the France job but there aren’t enough minus men for one nation. He’s Bak!

Boro hit us with one shot from their Muscat but the Bakman comes off the bench for a late victory. Meira is off to City on loan, played one, scored one, injured one…he carries the curse with him.

We become villains overnight and Juan more injury is added to the list.

Hajduk Split as we win 1-0 to maintain our European record. Almeida will be out for a few weeks, but hopefully things can only get Beto…

Bryan Robson somehow has taken Man Utd to the relegation zone with this squad…here lies his legacy:

For fair comparison, Cambridge have 18 players and only Shaka Flipflop in goal. His predecessor is on the ropes…

Malta have ended up with some healthy regens…

Yuri has been bending the gaffers ear and has finally ousted Kluivert from the national side, and boy is he banging them in!

We wrap up this update with the trip to everyone’s favourite place, Elland Road. USA! USA! USA!

It leaves us in the best position we’ve ever been in since arriving in the Premier League, will we be the victims of our own usual comeback style?

We had nothing to fear from the B-kids, they sit in 17th battling it out with Bryan Lolson. Joke Innear now poses no threat and I feel bad mocking his side its got that poor for them. They dropped Ian Walker and that was their downfall. With the Tinfoil Shield dropped, we can’t equal last season, but can we improve in our journey in the league? Do join us next time as the new signings bed in and we fight to keep everyone happy.

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