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Well, marra’s…we’re back for another crack at the big time. The Disco lights of Sunderland are officially dead as Quinny has retired and the board have spent all our money on a new second tier stand. This is going to be our final crack at finishing 7th or higher. You can catch-up on our great escape last season here. We make transfer progress at last:

Laslandes and Roy continue to reject us as does Bjorklund. We allow Reyna, Johnston and Gray to leave, which almost leads to a swap deal for Carl Robinson (7 games on loan for Sunderland in the 2000’s). Elsewhere Owen makes the cynical move early:

It’s not looking too bad at a first glance:

Although I will probably prefer Rae to Stewart in time. We haven’t even played a match and we’re in injury time:

We open the season with a trip to try and score beyond Ian Walker. Luke Weaver keeps us in the points.

Next up its Everton who we’ve taken our midfield from. Our new front pairing go wild.

Neffa in a million years did I see that consolation coming. The board were right, the fans come pouring in (no jokes about giving tickets away please!).

The front two keep their act going and we overcome a stubborn Blackburn. A marked difference from last season. 2-2-2-2-2 Direct is going great guns so far.

Although our combative approach might lead to a few bans down the line. We’re getting a nose bleed.

Far too early for excitement. It could all crumble under suspensions, injuries and loss of form in the next 35 match weeks. And so it begins. Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone.

No idea who put Carteron on penalties, especially when Don Hutchison can’t point for him where to put it.

Debry hammered us but Weaver was a rock.


The board are chuffed. We win again, but the injuries keep coming.

We taste an unlucky defeat away to Villa. An early injury further disrupting out front 4.

We draw at Hartlepool in the League Cup, never a good sign. Goodness me.

This is getting tedious.

And it shows as we put in a poor performance at home to Man City. It’s that German sniper again.

The decline has begun just as it did last season at this stage. Still we’re clinging on to 2nd spot.

At this stage it won’t task much to plummet down the table. We need a bit of luck on the treatment table. The dive continues, we are crystal in their hands at the palace.

We scrape beyond Hartlepool in the pointless cup, even that win seems turgid and flat. And a kick on the teeth against 10th placed Arsenal see’s us lose our 4th straight league game.

A bit like last season, a flying start and then dropping like a stone. Carteron is back soon so hopefully with the full contingent up and running it will make a difference…hopefully.

So there we have it marras, sat in 5th place after 10 games, actually closer to relegation that Man Utd now. In reality Peter had won 6, drawn 2, lost 2 and Sunderland were sat 2nd in the league. Peter Reid, miracle worker. We’ve got a lot to do to rectify the drop in form. Do come back next week and see if we can turn this ship around.

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