The Blog Squad FC – Part 5 | @RossBell1984

Happy hump day! Here’s Ross and the Blog Squad and the start of season two.

Here we go again, after last season’s success let’s have a blast at division 2 then shall we.

As you can see from that starting line up the only OG Blog squaders remaining are Barry Combe, Andrew Chapman, Nick Rowe, Rob Tait, Zak Brockman and Dave Black. If we can make it to the end of this season with all of them still in the squad we will have done well i think.

You can also see the big name additions I persuaded to join us in the shape of Illie Dumitrescu, Hristo Stoitchkov and David Howells….. Plenty of firepower to see us out of Div 2, 3-0 away at Grimsby to start the season will do very nicely

The stats dont match up with the full time result against Wycombe but its a point so i’ll take it at this early stage of the season.

First loss of the season comes against the as yet Hollywood owned Wrexham, disappointing and that’s 3 games without a goal for last seasons talisman Black

Make that 4, 2 losses on the bounce isnt the form i’d hoped to have started this season with if I’m perfectly honest but at least my new massive waged strikers are amongst the goals.

A 1-1 Draw with premier league Brentfrod is fine i guess, Dave finally nets his first of the season.

York have 10 men for 81 mins yet still manage to knock 4 past us as injuries took the toll on our defence, Having to call on big bazza to play CB is always going to be an issue.

I get my first board are concerned message after this game as apparently a 3-3 draw with Wigan isn’t acceptable. With a CB pairing of Pardew and Venison i’d say 3-3 was a bloody great result.

Pards is dropped in place of David Howells at CB and big davey pulls out a blinder, Dave and Hristo are starting to put it together up top as well. Turning Point.

Or maybe not, a 1-1 draw with Chesterfield isn’t a great result and it leaves us languishing in 16th place.

A home game against CM Super Club Preston is up next just what I need. We get destroyed and lose Bjorn to injury as well. Great.

That’ll do for this week, I’ll be back next week to try and regain some form and keep myself in a job!

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