The Blog Squad FC – Part 16 | @RossBell1984

Happy hump day! For one final time this year, here’s Ross.

Well here we are, The end. For now at least, Last week we missed out on the league title in heartbreaking fashion. I’m going to be taking a break from this save for a few months with a view to return in 2022 with The Blog Squad’s first European adventure!

But for today let’s have a look at the stats for the stars of the show after they ran through 4 divisions with ease.

Andrew Chapman – Defender Centre – The Rock. Through four divisions Andrew has been one of our most consistent performers, I mean just look at those ratings, 6 red cards in 4 seasons is enough to get him a transfer to CD Dons in the future I’m sure. 6 goals from the CB position is also nothing to sniff at.

Ross Bell – Centre Back – Defector. One of a few of the players to leave us but then return for a smaller fee, something i can’t be annoyed at tbh. The virtual me has also averaged great ratings alongside Andrew. 3 red cards in the debut premier league season is a bad look however. 10 goals from a CB!

Nick Rowe – Midfield Left – Mr Versatile. Nick has played WBL, WBR, DMC, MC & AML during his tenure with us. every team needs one of these players. Nothing flashy 3 goals and 3 assists in 3 years is frankly awful and something i hadn’t noticed to this point. Sort it out Nick.

Rob Tait – DMC – The Pitbull. Everyone needs a super consistent, Hard tackling DMC. Rob’s been almost an ever present in the ride from the bottom to 3rd from the top. 4 goals and 5 assists aren’t what Rob is here for but still both more than Nick, I’m watching you Nick!

Dean Emson – Defender Right/Left/Centre – The Don. Deano left us in the first season and Wimbledon refuse to let us get him back despite him hardly being used in the last two seasons, 6 yellows and 2 reds in 12 games in the last season though is something to be proud of.

Nath Gent – Midfielder Centre – Blog Squad Pirlo. Nath was a revelation in the first season with us with 14 goals and 12 assists (& 12 yellow cards) but that good form led to Liverpool buying him at the end of the first season and then proceeding to do nothing with him for two years before selling him back to me for almost half the price. 22 Goals and 19 assists in 113 games is a decent return from MC.

Matt Wills – Midfield Right/Left/Centre – The Unattainable. Matt also left us in the first season to join Leicester who then hardly used him for 3 seasons before taking a huge bath on their outlay by losing £2.2m on Matt. Sadly for Mr Wills he’s now having to play for Derby. We will always have that first season though.18 goals in 32 games.

Philip Verbist – Attacking Midfield Right/Left/Centre – The one that got away, Philip was only with us for a blink of an eye before Feyenoord Snapped him up for a frankly insulting 850k Tribunal fee. he would perform well for them before moving on to Italian big boys Parma for £4.7m. He’s also played 13 games for Belgium with 1 goal. The most successful Blog Squader? Only player to score less for us than Nick but then he has played 195 games less than Nick has for us!

Zak Brockman – Attacking Midfield Right/Left – Assist King. Look at those average ratings and assists! every team in the land would be crying out for Zak yet thanks to him never having a big club release clause in his contract he’s been tied to us for the long haul. If our next player is our Henry then Zak is our Pires!

Dave Black – Striker Centre – Goal Machine. I’ll never forgive Blackburn for taking Dave away from us for that 1 stupid game in two seasons. 136 games 85 goals, his goals fired us to 2 successive promotions, he struggled to find form in the Premier League but 12 goals and 14 assists is still nothing to turn your nose up at.

Let’s finish with a few records and stats.

The Blog squad faithful fans couldn’t get enough of those tickets to the Barnsley game…………

So there we have it, a pretty successful 4 seasons so far. Join me in the new year for our first European adventure. Thank you for taking your time to read every Wednesday!

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