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It’s been a little while since I’ve done anything remotely normal in CM9798. I had an idea a long time ago (idea no. 19 of 34 I have on the boil) when re-reading about the late 70’s and Keegan’s export to the Bundesliga and then the recent wave of UK based footballers exploring German football again. So, The Keegan-Burger; what is it?

We will look to bring a young talented Englishman over to Hamburg and build a team of largely German talent around this player who will be our star and leading light.

We’ll probably look to get rid of the dead wood. That said, its hard to tell who is good and who isn’t in the German database, hopefully big clubs being interested is a start. So, who will be brought to be our star? Who better than the hotly debated David Brown:

I’ve never signed him, but after his exploits for Matt I thought we best see what the fuss is all about. We’re also going to try and implement a favourite CM3 formation of mine into the CM2 world. It could go well, or we could change formation very quickly!

We’ve identified all the young talent we’d like to sign at some point with a few offers in.

Here is the pick of Mr Brown’s supporting acts:

A lot of players like this when loading this league, hopefully his random assigned ability and potential are as good as those stats! We sell on Vogel, Breitenreiter and Baron. Kmetsch wants to leave but we won’t allow it. The opening day goes well, assisted by an early red for 1860 as Brown gets a hand in all goals.

The number of passes attempted is worrying. F***. Please don’t be a crock David.

The man from the telly and the crocodile hunter dumps us out of the Pokel. At least we can focus on the league.

An adjusted formation ensues.

We win the German twins derby as Andreas gets the better of Michael and we get the 3-points:

The games are just too close to call, I don’t like it.

Schopp is off to Valladolid and we bring in one of the finer Frings in life:

Brown returns to get the show back on the road as we score all 4 goals.

We draw the next game as Cologne drops one that the Butt can’t stop.

Stuttgart beat us 1-0 despite a litany of chances that we just don’t put away. This is the kind of thing we are contenting with; at least this was a win.

We manage a draw with Leverkusen and then Bielefeld get the people’s elbow as we take out our frustrations of games gone by.

Brown with more assists. 8 games, 3 goals, 6 assists – we’ll be all modern and call that 9 goal involvements in 8 games and swing the positives!

Frings has been a great support signing so far, I’m hoping we can get a few more young German players through the door this season as the depth of the squad is shambolic.

We’re building up a healthy bank balance to help finance any raid on our peers for their good young players too.

And the league position isn’t all bad either:

A 7-horse race at this stage, which is probably just a race yeah? The frauds are back in 5th and don’t appear to be able to score. Do join us again for more of the Keegan-Burger experiment, or should it be the David Brown Burger?

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