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Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a homage to the man who sang Head over Heels from our own sex symbol Andrew…

Welcome back to my latest ‘normal’ save, The Keegan-Burger…not sure what it is? You can catch-up here. Last time out we had a rip-roaring start to life in the Bundesliga with David Brown:

That said, the report card would probably read “much to improve on”. If we want David to be our lynch pin of a young and hungry squad of German talent, then we need to find a way to get him more goals. Most importantly, more chaff is offloaded:

Whilst old Sven is not for sale.

We keep the wolves at bay, but Brown is profligate as ever. 7 shots.

It’s a similar story against the mighty Karlshrue but that one more chance gets the podiatrist on the score sheet.

It’s not Sundermann, it’s Saturday. Bochum out the wrong side of the bed and we come back with more energy in the 2nd half.

The curly named mbop man is annoyed at being left out, but as a centre back, having your tackling rated as a ‘3’ means we’d be taking a big risk.

We’re on such a roll that the man with the golden beak can’t stop us, as agent Brown moves in for the kill. Kmetsch will be a miss running the midfield.

In freedom of the captain’s absence Zeyer goes berserk and Mad Max celebrates by drinking his own piss. Water world we live in. Too many poorly linked puns…yes.

Andreas Mayer has been a useless signing. Not a pun, a fact. Next up Frauden Munich.

They just had too much. Everyone was doing the Buttman until the 79th minute. Hans has been outstanding in the sticks ahead of Golz. We fall back, but I’ll be relying on Bayern’s inability to score many over the season.

We stay in Munich, and make up for the previous games mistakes in style. Butt that is gonna hurt.

Brown missed a sitter for his hattrick on 90 minutes but he’s progressing nicely as the season edges on. What was I saying? He must have heard me.

Mind, he should have had more…

Troche had 11 shots and didn’t score so he wasn’t the biggest culprit. Am I having a pop after he got a hattrick? Yes. Speaking of which, here’s a bum deal.

And with that the Keegan-Burger rolls onwards and marginally upwards:

David Brown is actually having a solid season. Shame we haven’t scored against Bayern. That is probably a marker of how much we need to improve to have big success.

We’ve got a long break now until February so, Wierdersehen. We’ll catch you out the winter break.

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