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Merry Monday to you! he David Brown experiment rolls on…

Willkommen! Das ist das neueste folge von ‘Das Keegan-Burger’. You can catch up on last week here. So far so good in the city of burgers. David Brown has generally taken to life in the Bundesliga like a duck to water, and we’re slowly building a foil of solid German players around him.

We continue to make a stand against players who don’t want to be here, and by that, I mean grant their wishes.

It’s silly season in the bidding for players. I expect I’ll live to regret not taking almost £12m for a player whose best stat is an ‘11’. Also, flu season is upon us.

Sporl and Fischer both catch the lurgee. Super-spreader is on his way.

Jahnig is off, there isn’t much to say. Played one game, doesn’t fit the system, £2m in the bag. We bring in competition for our £12m rated man. Unger the radar in Bundesliga 2, but a cracking player with awful stats.

Our other signing has a bit of a ropey name. Hopefully he does his deeds on the pitch.

Not quite a blitz at the Fritz but we dominate, and Brown gets one in the onion bag.

Werd up! It’s much the same against Bremen as some old fella from Neighbours goes nuts and picks up a red making it an easy afternoon.

But against real opposition, we get absolutely slaughtered. Scott Booth leading the line. Mr Brown responsible for our lack of bite.

We remain top despite the result.

Brown and co make amends against Berlin and boy do they take my breath away.

Sporl picks up a knock so young Nehrbauer will have to step up. Amends are made as we brush past Dortmund with 10 men. Don’t look back in Unger lads.

As ever Cologne gives us Butt trouble, this time we give ourself the run around.

Unger is proving to be quite the deputy for Kmetsch. We needn’t worry too much; the frauds live up to their name.

With Molata now out for a few weeks, and, having sold all our decent centre backs, we go to Aussie Simunic for cover.

Winning 4 out of 19 tackles, he’s not quite the ideal defender. Brown goes missing again. Mr consistency he is not. We come up against Rostock in the league, and for some reason the game offers us up a massive host of grey players…not sure why? (answers on a postcard).


Two runs past opponents, an assist and a goal. Great job son. Great job. Frings and Dybek magnificent too. A surprisingly still at Leverkusen Worns gives us the advantage and we edge our way to another three points.

The brutality of our new recruit at the back comes to fruition.

Bit worse for other centre backs though:

We close this update, and I have many things to say about this game, things that won’t be said.

At least Brown gets a goal, but that is poor. With 6 games to go we set ourselves up with a good chance of achieving European football for our burger player David Brown.

The Frauds are closing in, and we still have a game against them left to play, but we are rattling the usual suspects. Long may it continue. So, where is our central plot man up to?

Not a bad return at all. 13 assists for a man with no creativity or passing skills. Do come back for the final part of this season where we’ll see if our burger boys have got the stomach to edge out the fraudulent establishment in Munich. Auf Wiedersehen!

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