1998 World Cup All Stars XI – P03: Can We Dance Dunga’s Dance, Can We Dance It In France? | @KingOfTheRooks

Saturday night is alright for fighting but it’s 9.30am, so here’s Andrew with the culmination of World Cup 98.

Welcome back to the final part in our three-part special as we’ve created our own nation of sorts, thrown in a FIFA All Star team and given the World Cup a bash. You can catch up here. We left you hanging last time, as we finished the groups like this:

Was Rod Stewart kind to us when he made the draw for the knockouts? Was he laughing? It would appear so.

That’s a toughie. Nigeria are very good. I guess they’re all tough here on in. So tough in fact, that they take us to extra time, but we scrape through as our golden boys grab a golden goal.

We’ll pay a heavy price for collecting all these bookings though.

The quarters pit us an unenviable challenge. Argentina caused us all sorts of problems at the beginning of this journey in the warm-up.

And then this is just…f***.

Rivaldo gets a hattrick…of sorts.

It was looking bleak until 63 minutes and we had a 16-minute spell that saw us take and squander a 2-goal lead. We hung on. Marvellous. The stats say Barthez had a nightmare.

The semi-final sees us revisit another past encounter.

Germany in a semi-final? England fans reading this, brace yourselves.

Brutal. But we knew we’d pay a price.

We altered the formation as we entered the World Cup (I forgot to post in the last blog) so, here’s how we’ll head out into this showdown.

Germany knock on the door all day long, but Barthez stands strong and we knick the winner midway through the second half.

A tale of terrible top ends.

And with that, we’re into the final. Who will it be?

At least we have their two best players in our squad! We also have a clean bill of health.

Which means we can setup as such:

I’d like to tell you it was a tough affair. After 1 minute, I thought it was going to come crashing down. But the lads stayed calm and aced it.

We rotated for the second half and took it easy on Brazil. Ronaldo turned up when it mattered.

So, there you have it. The FIFA All Star Team of the 1998 World Cup are worth their weight in gold. Was there ever a better tale told? Probably. Hope you’ve enjoyed this experiment. It was something I’ve been meaning to test for a while. If you want to do this yourself, you can create a nation but set them up in a non-playable region. Give them the best reputation in that region and they’ll be selected for the World Cup…just make sure you link the league so a) they can be playable and b) the players all load!

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