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Willkommen! This is the final part in our Keegan-Burger experiment, if you missed the last one, you can catch up here. Brown’s morale has been at a low ebb and as ever, he’s had niggling injuries disrupting his time in Hamburg. However, we’ve clawed our way back up with a silly formation that seems to be doing the trick.

Frings picks up a bad injury that rules him out a few important games.

We throw Troche into a position he can’t play, but it all seems to work.

Jensen adds to the midfield missing list:

David Brown has fantastic time on U21 duty.

Only to blow it all in training the next day.

Another debutant captains the national team on their debut. (They got humped).

And our midfield woes continue…a crisis of sorts

We come through a tough game against Karl’s Shoe and Lars lashes out in Unger and adds to our midfield problems. It’s a big issue.

Back to the Champions League and I momentarily think we are going to get the spanking of a lifetime from Real. In the end, a super ‘keeper performance prevents us scoring too many of our million chances.

The new formation gets back on it with a bang against the old lads. But its disturbing that, with 9-men, and no ‘keeper (they both got sent off) we only scored one more goal, in fact we even conceded one!

Next stop the Hamburg derby and as ever it’s a thriller. Thankfully it reminds me why I got rid of Golz and we come out on top.

Brown is back, and wow, go on son.

We gracefully fall out of the Champions League to another 2-1 reverse against Real. We just didn’t have enough.

We get diddled at Leverkusen, and arguably that’s any minute chance we had of turning over Bayern’s lead gone.

Rostock are Neuville cuisine as we lap up the points.

In the Pokal semi-final we win in what are possibly the most Champ Man circumstances ever. We do the game at its own thing:

It’s Karl and his new trainers in the final.

The great league run ends as Verhaege gets his customary goal and we run out of gas.

All is back to normal as Mr Brown goes to town on the Kaiser.

Stupid Dario S will miss out on the Pokal final after that needless red. A more reasonable game as we are entertained inside the home of the Cologne.

Brown wracking up assists from his new position. We stutter in Stuttgart to the end of the season. We’ll take the win.

We finish a clear 2nd place. If anything over the last three seasons we’ve been consistent. It’s just that in two of the three seasons, we’ve been out spent.

Real win the Champions League 2-1 against Juventus (in Hamburg of all places), a small consolation for losing to them. As for the final game of the season. We stick the boot into Karl’s shoe.

It was a 4 on the Richter scale. Ahem. Another assist for Brown and some key passes. He’s coming alive in a more reserved role.

In the end was it a success? I’d say so. A League title and a Pokal in the bag over three years. Better than Keegan achieved in his stay at Hamburg. Brown has been okay, but I’m blaming the success of injuries ruining his form.

Speaking of which, he ends the season in the only style he knows on U21 duty:

Whoever takes over from here has the funds to go any buy the title and the Champions League.

A bunch of lads went to the Euro’s (not Brown), but didn’t get out the group:

But we did end up with a winner and a Euro Final man of the match at that:

As the awards go, there was only one (that counts). But there you have it.

And that’s it, we’ve paid our dues, Brown has been decent, a good return on goals, we’ve won trophies. I’m content with that. Auf Wiedersehen!

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