The Last Roman – Part 22 – Red Cards For Everyone | @FMCM_FC

It’s Tuesday so let’s go to Rome, where Nathan is waiting for us…

Hello. Welcome to another Tuesday in Rome. We are past halfway in Season 5 and in the last update the wheels fell off. After a great start in the league some poor form has seen us slip to third behind a rampant AC Milan team and Juventus. We need to get back into some form to have any chance of winning the league. Oh and Barcelona await in the Champions League Quarter Final.

Well we batter Piacenza but we can only manage the 1 goal. Totti’s shot is blocked but Salas is on hand to tap in from close range.

A rollercoaster of a first leg. Alfonso opens the scoring for Barca but Totti scores straight from the kickoff. Matthaus Jr then gets sent off to make the game much more difficult. Roll gives us a surprise lead but we can’t hang on. Oscar turns into prime Messi and scores 2 in 10 minutes to see us off.

An horrendously boring game with the only “highlight” being John Curtis trying to chop Jesper Blomqvist in half.

Great result in the league for us this. The front two are in fine form for a change and despite Peruzzi being his usual top form self. This gives us some breathing room in second place.

Wow. When Alfonso scores before half time i’m thinking it’s game over. Then Vitor Baia wipes out Totti and that angers him. He fires home the penalty and whips up the crowd. The place looks a like a volcano with all the flares and the volcano erupts when Totti grabs a late second which sends us through to the Semi Final.

We put too much into the game against Barca and lose this one against rivals Lazio. They are 17th so this quite a bad result. Djorkaeff opens the scoring for us but as the game goes on we slip away. Statuto levels just after half time and Rui Costa seals the win with a superb bit of play to finish us off.

We seem to have some sort of mental block against Inter. Ronaldo and Vieri upfront helps them massively of course.

We are doing ourselves no favours with these red cards. We are level before Pistone sees red. We have a stonewall penalty turned down before Inzaghi and Signori put the knife in.

Absolutely not good enough.

It’s games like this and the last one which will always, always stop us winning the league.

Because getting one man sent off isn’t helpful enough we decide to have 2 sent off. We still manage to win unbelievably but it’s not enough and we crash out of Europe.

This loss officially ends our chances of winning the title. Poor in front of goal in this one yet again!

Here is the final table. We slip to third 10 points behind champions AC Milan and 2 behind Juventus. Inter have a shocker despite beating us twice. Lazio get relegated so no derby next season. Join me next time for a World Cup special as Totti looks to lead Italy to World Cup glory. Until then it’s goodbye and enjoy the rest of the week.

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