30 For 30 – 10 Year Review | @FMCM_FC

Hello All. I said I’d do a 10 year update so here is it is. It’s 9 full seasons but it’s close enough.


Rangers and Celtic obviously running the show. Celtic have turned into a real power house on the European scene as well. Partick Thistle and Aberdeen the only ones to split the old firm.

Aberdeen have had some real success in the FA Cup. My old team Morton just missed out shortly after I left.

The Coca Cola Cup seems to throw up a lower league underdog in the final. Again my old club Morton with some success.


Man United took some time to reassert their dominance. Liverpool and Man City are always there or thereabouts. Leeds are also strong and are the only other team to win a title.

Similar winners in the FA Cup as well. That Sheff Weds team was brilliant at the time.

League Cup dominated by Manchester.


Absolutely no surprises in La Liga.

No surprises here except for the last season with Zaragoza beating Bilbao.


The Champions League has been really entertaining. Liverpool, City and PSG winning in consecutive years. The last final was a Manchester Derby. Can you even imagine the scenes?

Italy have dominated the Cup Winners Cup. Aberdeen beating Real Madrid is shades of Fergie on a massive level.

The UEFA Cup has taken up residency in England thanks to Newcastle and Villa lately.


France and Italy have shared the World Cup so far. Nigeria becoming the most successful African team by reaching the final. They had a brilliant team to be fair.

Denmark regaining the Euros was a shock.

That’s it for the round up. It’s been a great ride so far throughout the World of the 30 for 30 save. Join me next time for Season 11 with Motherwell in the Scottish 1st Division. Thanks for reading the blog so far.

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