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Hello and welcome back to another episode of what it feels like to let someone piss in your eyes except their piss is bleach, also known affectionately as Football League Trophy Manager. If you wish to catch up with last weeks shenanigans, you can do so here.

We left the table looking like this after almost 29 games for all. As the saying goes, bleachy piss rolls downhill and Ross is soaking. 17 points clear, we’re just playing until Rob’s championship is confirmed. Pools panel verdict? Nobody cares.

It’s Scotland, so we open with the cup. Nick drops out in a replay defeat.

But Rob is through! It’s a late winner from Stein.

The laughs don’t last long…he’ll face off with Bakayoko and co.

Elsewhere Matt’s Swans beat Philip’s Birmingham 1-0 in a league catch-up game. Philip (who?) follows it up with a draw against Nick’s Rotherham who failed to capitalise on their numerical advantage.

Dave’s Carlisle have a few suspensions/injuries and the replacements crash and burn.

It could have been worse, daft Kent. Our Grim lot pull Rob in with an unexpected victory.

While the other Stoke have a better outcome in the snow.

The week of games is wrapped up with managerless Wigan taking 3 points.

Rob, despite the last loss, gets Manager of the Month.

At least it’s not Dave. And with that, the curse of the Manager of the Month is lifted.

Well done Rob, you are promoted to the League Cup.

More red cards as Dave’s first 11 return to action. It was 4-1 but only one of their footballing peers was on the scoresheet…

Philip comes a cropper at our Grimsby and there’s yet more red card action. It was an all time Lowe for Philip.

Speaking of low…houch, that’s got to hurt.

Managerless Wigan again manage to not lose.

We follow such an entertaining week with a big Quarter Final. Rob’s Stoke vs. Rangers. Can he get anything out of it.

No. Ally McMoist pissed on his chips. Unfortunately, it’s back to more league action.

Philip’s form continues to nosedive much to everyone else’s benefit. And managerless Wigan win again.

We play out a bore draw with Rotherham which means Rob will win this tournament of exquisite footballing sides no matter what his result. Regardless, he makes one hell of an effort as 9-men secure the title in front of the home fans. Some of Nathan’s fans probably sneak in, glory hunters!

Torpey secures 3 points for Matt, but the most important story:

Well done Rob! The goals from Stein, Biggins and Barnes have been unstoppable. He can now relax into a derby. It doesn’t matter who won, they don’t care!

And that leaves the table like this heading into the final week of FLTM9798.

Nick is now glued to the bottom as managerless Wigan pull away. The battle is still on for 2nd as 3 of us can still achieve it. See you next time as we put the sword in this god-awful experiment.

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