Merthyr Part-X Outlet. Part 12: Mr Average | @Emsonite

We’re doing okay but can’t capitalise on any bites to improve the team.Winston is wanted by Villa and Everton. Srelia is wanted by Coventry. But all the available trades will be downgrades. 
So we just have to crack on with what we got and bide our time. Picking up a point at Bramall Lane.

League Cup action next. Don’t care if we don’t win. They wont let us into Europe anyway. 
It’s all square at Elland Road and after keeping a clean sheet, Ben Roberts scores the winning penalty. 



Leeds don’t have to wait long for revenge, though. The very next game… 

Ross Bell will be happy.

Another defeat at home to Palace. 

I need some help in the transfer market.

Sam Winston has been dreadful this season. His value is only going one way. Decided to cash in now. £4.4m plus Staunton, Taylor & Easton. It’s not bad you know. 

It’s a record!

Ooh. An opportunity. Division 1 Sunderland want Veart. The Mackems have got Steffan Iversen on the transfer list. He’s requesting a move to a bigger club. We’re not a bigger club. But the list is the list. He might come.

 A draw at The Dell stops the losing streak.

Having a change of formation to try and get a win. Straight down the middle.

It works! Despite going behind and going down to 10-men. Forgot the screenshot. You’ll have to just trust me, we won. 

Iversen agrees to discuss terms. He costs me an arm and leg and we lose Veart. But it’s probably my highest profile signing.

Alas, Steffan is cup tied. And we’re out after another penalty shoot out.

Can he help us at Anfield. Errrr. No.

He blanks, despite De Bilde up.


Gary Flitcroft. That’s as average as you can get. I mean. Can you think of a more average player than Gary Flitcroft? I’ll wait.

Big win vs Arsenal. In our best performance of the season. Edinho boy. 

9th in the league. Only 5 points of 18th though. 

Think i’ll leave it here this week. Have a great Saturday y’all.

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