The Keegan-Burger P02: Butt of the Jokes | @KingOfTheRooks

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a homage to the man who sang Head over Heels from our own sex symbol Andrew…

Welcome back to my latest ‘normal’ save, The Keegan-Burger…not sure what it is? You can catch-up here. Last time out we had a rip-roaring start to life in the Bundesliga with David Brown:

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The Keegan-Burger P01: The One & Only | @KingOfTheRooks

It’s been a little while since I’ve done anything remotely normal in CM9798. I had an idea a long time ago (idea no. 19 of 34 I have on the boil) when re-reading about the late 70’s and Keegan’s export to the Bundesliga and then the recent wave of UK based footballers exploring German football again. So, The Keegan-Burger; what is it?

We will look to bring a young talented Englishman over to Hamburg and build a team of largely German talent around this player who will be our star and leading light.

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