The Wonderkids – Part Twenty-Nine: Three’s a Charm

Hello and welcome back to The Wonderkids. Last time out we lost the European Super Cup to Le Havre. You can catch up with this disgraceful occurrence here. Hopefully we can make it back there next time out. We’re actually doing well in the league for once, which is worrying given how things have usually worked out.

The title competition has completely changed this season. Bryan Lolson is having a nightmare at Man Utd and his old boys ‘Boro are down in the doldrums too. Joke Innear is 20 points behind and Newcastle are also not what they once were. Up first it’s the dreaded Inter game for the CL QF 1st leg. We adopt a different strategy for the away leg, a cross between 2-3-1-2-2 and WM:

(forgot to take a pre-game shot so here, post half-time subs)

Inter are the only team I’ve feared facing with the Wonderkids and I’m surprised they’ve not reached more finals. For me that is three magnificent away goals setting us up nicely for an attacking game at the slicer. Bring it on!

Also, world’s oldest regen anyone?

Next up it’s the FA Cup and Bryan Lolson is the opposition. We’re 1 up, but Almeida sees red. Well f*** it, we go out for the rest of the game with no ‘keeper:

And my does it pay dividends as the threat is nullified and Wijnhard plays a blinder in nets.

Makes me tempted to play the second leg vs. Inter with three up top (2-3-1-2-3) and no ‘keeper… We test it out in a safe game and it goes okay…

…so we decide to make it 2-3-1-3-2 for safety sake. Villa are dominated despite the score line.

We come up against Inter in the return leg and my oh my…

…the no ‘keepers is paying dividends.

We’ll be without Juan for a month and Beto and Almeida are out in the league with bans. We’ll see how Chandler and van der Schaaf cope in their absence. Marseille will be out for revenge.

Bryan Lolson’s Lolchester Utd are brushed aside in an entertaining game. I like this new spice, better than the old spice…

Bing sticks one in his own net and we draw at the slicer with Leeds. The board are disgusted. We make a great start in the CL semi but we can’t take our chances, Marseille-away with the victory.

Division One Liverpool have some fantastic regens, but it’s an ageing McManaman that is a thorn in our ‘keeperless side.

We’ll play dirty Leeds at Wembley. Boro’s ‘keeper De Jeager bombs…and we take the points.

I’ll certainly have Meira of that against teams in red. We’re cruising in the league. Chelsea are our next victims.

The way things are going, we’ll be wrapping things up early.

We draw with the Joke Innear boys, but again, it’s a point in bag. Speaking of points, what is the point in training?!? Cursed, completely cursed.

We go 1-2-3-1-2-2 with a sweeper, we win, but it isn’t enough and Marseille go on to meet Bayern in the final, they’ll crush Bayern. Landreau is a brick wall.

While we have a massive lead in the league we experiment further.

And we take it into the Wonderkid derby. The city is divided, but the A’s have it. Rose comes off injured then manages to score after being subbed. A bug I’ve never seen before.

It’s been a long 18 months, but he’s back…

And there we have it. Another trophy in the bag early. Can we add the FA Cup to at least get a treble?

We get a thrashing at Wolves (4-1) so we revert to playing with a ‘keeper again. Newcastle and Sheffield Utd are dispatched, but we end the season in terrible fashion as King Kanoute helps himself to a hattrick.

We’ve been top since game three and we haven’t wavered. Here’s the final table:

We wave goodbye to the B Kids:

We have one last challenge to obtain a treble as we face 12th placed Leeds in the FA Cup Final. It’s looking ropey until the introduction of Kirovski at half-time, what a masterstroke.

Annoyingly, Bayern win the Champions League somehow?

And now for the vital statistics:

Yuri continues to play like he’s in orbit with the trajectory of a cosmonaut.

The Bak Man has faded this season. His return has been okay, but his form has remained disappointing.

We’ve been Beto at the back:

And as we said, Rose is consistent as ever.

European Footballer of the Year…my arse.

So we’ll have to go again next season and see if we can get back to cleaning up the trophies. It feels like a bit of a check point for the Wonderlads, almost as if their powers are waning as they approach 30. We’ve got another three seasons to milk from them, but it may well turn sour. We’ll try our best to add any available minus men, but there are few on the market. Do stay with us next time out to see if we can keep this squad doing what it does best, filling the cabinet! Hopefully I can avoid the chop from the board given losing any game is now seen as an abysmal result!

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