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Good day and happy new week. Here’s Andrew with the latest from his David Brown based experiment…

Willkommen! Here we are in the latest Keegan-Burger but without our young protégé David Brown who has succumbed to injury early in the season. You can catch up, here.

Dortmund have started at one hell of a pace, and I’d suggest they’ll be uncatchable this season. We come up against decent opposition and the world’s record goal scorer…

Sporl will be out for a month, and our target DMC cover rejects us.

At least we can bask in the reasonably straight forward Champions League:

Unfortunately, the striker crisis deepens.

We are thankful to come up against Jurgen Klopp and the low hanging Mainz squad.

Brown is stuck between a Troche and a hard place. Must be awful watching these lot turn it on when he’s out. Nowot-now?!?! We attempt to shore up the defensive cover, but despite offering double what the competition does, he goes there anyway.

At least we are growing the future generation of German attacking talent.

Another cracking game from the same players and the same score a game later.

We make some additions in the form of Daniel Jensen and Allan Borgvardt to bolster the squad. Although the main one won’t be available any time soon:

After donning our shooting boots too well, we fail to capitalise and fall to a poor defeat against some Bochum feeders.

We’re in a sizeable pack of teams chasing Dortmund from afar.

Geeeeeeeeet up!

Geeeeeeeet down!

An injury to Frings brings Brown on to rescue the game. What a boy! Juiceberg are melted slowly at the hands of a 1-0 win.

Brown puts in a worrying display of profligacy. Next time out, Butt drops a few and Brown’s profligacy continues with consequences.

Stuttgart had 3 shots on target and scored 3 goals. As ever, there’s always something round the corner.

And then in Kiev, its another setback of kinds.

We’re through to the next stage:

But Davy boy will miss another load of fixtures likely coming back just before the winter break.

In his absence we clean up against current 3rd placed Bremen as a late flurry of goals gets us over the line.

Great news:

Dybek goes back to the treatment table after 13 minutes of action.

Stuff of nightmares. But with that result, we are keeping as close as we can to the Champions League spots:

Dortmund 15 points clear at almost the half-way stage is ridiculous. Although they do have an array of enviable talent. Knowing he’s irreplaceable, we turn down silly money for Tommy G.

And as for Mr Brown, he’ll be lucky to make double figures this season:

And with that, we’re half-way through this season and likely half-way through our 3 season Keegan-Burger experiment. Do stay with us as we have a gloriously impossible task of navigating the later stages of the Champions League and trying to get beyond Bayern in the league at least. Auf Wiedersehen!

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