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Everybody loves an experiment and a CM9798 experiment only sweetens the deal. Here’s Andrew with the second instalment of the World Cup All Stars XI as a nation. Yes, you read that right.

Welcome back to our latest CM9798 experiment. A reminder: we created our own nation, plonked them into the 1998 World Cup and set sail. If you missed the warm-up for the real deal, you can catch up here. So, as we approach the groups, here’s what we’re contending with:

Tunisia should be 3-points, but the underdogs seem to get a second wind at the World Cup. I’ve seen Zambia top groups with grey players. Ireland have Roy Keane and Shay Given…they also have Andy Townsend…make of that what you will. The Czech’s are decent (big Horst, Novotny, Nedved etc.)

I’m going to have to confess here. With several players out for the duration of the tournament, I turned to CMX to erase the injuries. But being the fair man I am, I did the same for the competition. We all get a clean slate. We open against the side that beat me on Manager Holiday mode:

The Czech’s decide the best thing to do is cower on their goal line all game. That works for me.

What a waste of talent. Poborsky and Nedved in DMC roles, Berger, Postulka and Smicer on the bench. What are they thinking?!? We take a quick lead and they come to their senses, but its all too little too late.

The Felix Bollaert see’s a magnificent nullifying display from the World Cup All Star XI. Even if Desailly couldn’t win a tackle.


The Tunisians are up next. I don’t know who they are, but we did find them, and we did kill the game off.

From Le Beaujoire to le boudoir for a good bit of rest before we take on the Irish to hopefully confirm our passage as group leaders.

The problematic squad situation begins to kick in.

Elsewhere the shocks are not at a premium as Australia top a group containing England and Italy.

We are too hot for the Irish to handle, we’re like white gold. This has been the best performance yet.

Ronaldo has been a bit of a let down so far considering his CM9798 prowess.

Overshadowed by the sugar man. And there we have it. That couldn’t have been much easier.

Will the draw for the knockouts be kind? Tune in next time to find out!

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