The Keegan-Burger P09: The Beginning of The Last Burger @KingOfTheRooks

Happy Monday! Here’s Andrew and his burger to kick off another week.

Willkommen! We’re here for our third and final season in the Keegan-Burger where we’ve taken a Hamburg team and moulded it around David Brown, a young English export. Season one was fantastic as we won the Bundesliga and qualified for the Champions League. Season two saw Brown injured for long periods as we scrapped into 2nd place to again qualify for elite European competition. Our cup performances have been less than satisfactory and ideally, I’d like to turn that around this season.

We start by bolstering our ‘keeping ranks:

The board go wild:

And we fend off Gravesen’s many suiters:

The Liga-Cup draw is odd. I know we have Schalke but that’s just plain wrong.

To end pre-season, we tie up Brown on a longer contract. Ever the cup enthusiasts, our players heads seemingly dip when Schalke are reduced to 10-men.

That was a record low crowd too, so I doubt anyone cares. At least our Champions League draw is kind:

I think we’re done and dusted in one leg. Brown scores again and gets MotM.

Ups and downs. A life of them:

Out of the frying pan and into the err…Frei-ing pan. Reincke scores against us again.

In the Pokal, we manage to get beyond lower league opposition for once.

Our reward is a draw with Kuntz and the gang who are now plying their trade in 2. Bundesliga.

Demolition job done. We make Minsk meat of them.

In between we add Lars Brogger and Ulrik Balling. This league is full of Danes and its only fair we get some more too. I’ll take that, 12 points and hopefully through.

Werd up! Brogger scores on his debut to claim us the points.

Well…that’s a doozy. Butt and Enke it is.

This on the other hand is an absolute nightmare.

Back in the 80’s we are struggling without Gravesen.

Excellent news!

Terrible news!

I offer the lads a visit to the opticians. This is getting tiring. The Champions’ League is a safer space for our strikers where they can punish grey ‘keepers across Europe.

Another inspiring result in the Pokal…

At least it’s a Brown goal. Well, that’s over then.

Karl’s shoe as ever get the better of us, but this time it isn’t Zitelli.

We make a terrible start against the old men as Pfuderer commits abuse in the box. A Troche double saves the day.

Brown gets a call up, and with Heskey and Owen in the full squad he’s star rated and should get game time.

More Brown goals. I hope we can steer him clear of major injury this season. We end this update with the Hamburg derby, and we take the spoils with another Brown goal to boot. Our former ‘keeper Golz keeping the score down.

The league table looks bad, but with our games in hand we can reduce the gap to 4 points. We need to cut out the silly loses against average sides.

Brown is in fine form this time around, and hopefully that bodes well to finish with some silverware.

That injury proneness of 20 is hard to look at. Scary. Anyway, do join us next week for more of this drivel as I look to close out another stupid idea for a blog. Auf Wiedersehen!

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