Merthyr Part-X Outlet. Part 13: Edondo the Great | @Emsonite

Pre Sheik City are taking a beating but they come back. Twats.

Pre- Russian / USA Chelsea are also taking a beating but they also come back. Twaaats.

Sheff Wednesday take the lead. And we don’t come back.

Are we the twats?

Out of the FA Cup against the Japanese. 

This is not much fun.

Change of formation & personnel. 

Bring back the fun. Bring on Derby County!

If there’s one thing I’m learning from this save it’s that Bradfords Edondo Edinho is a Premier League striker. 33 years old and he’s got 11 in 13 games. Half of those appearances have been off the bench too.

He’s at it again.

4 wins on the spin. 

This new formation is working wonders. I’ve stopped making subs as well. This is the best team. 

Ploughing through the games.

5! .. this is getting silly now.

6! … I’m going to get accused of cheating soon. Would never happen on V2.

It feels like a 7th coming back to earn a draw with 10 men

Wimbledon ends our amazing run.

Think that’s it for this week. Probably going to wrap this series up next week. Let’s see where we can finish. 

See you next week for one last hoorah! Skateboarders will be harmed. 

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