Merthyr Part-X Outlet. Part 14: The End | @Emsonite

Hello & welcome to the final episode of this blog. If you’ve followed it this far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart but you may need to reassess your priorities.  

So here we are.

8th in the league with 9 games to play. Lets see where we can end up. The transfer deadline is looming. So I’m going to list ALL my players to see what kind of crazy trades we can do. 

First out the door is the Japanese Griffo. In comes Irish winger Perkins.

Considering I’m not playing with wingers you can say that’s a bad trade.


Next out the door is Steve Staunton for some guy I’ve never heard of. 

Don’t know if this is a good trade or not. Let’s trip up a skateboarder anyway. 


Ord is out the door and in comes Neil Emblem. The owner likes this one.

Aussie Forster is out and we bring in Briscoe and Billy Mac from Bromsgrove. 

The owner likes this one too.

Smeets is out and Preston comes in. 

Michael Preston. He sounds terrible. 


Last out the door is Danny Williamsomn to local boy Jason Price. I don’t really want to do the deal but I want to bash one last skateboarder for good times sake.


That concludes our business and our owner tripping up skateboarders. 

Let’s see where we can end up.

Good debuts for Big Mac, Alsford & Emblem. I dared not bring on the other 4 new boys.

Hold Man Utd to a 0-0 draw with 10 men. Feels like a win. 

Can’t repeat the feat against Leeds.

Another home game & the self destruct button continues to be pressed. This time it’s Edinho.

Martin Dahlin signs off with a winning goal at Selhurst Park. He’s be suspended for the rest of the season.

A Merrhyr offcast comes back to haunt me. Lovell, you Ardley played for us but you just broke my Hart-son. You can find his sale listed on Forbes.

Iversen rescues a point against Liverpool.

Andy Cole is usually terrible in this game. Usually.

The last game of the series and it’s a home tie against pre-oil Citeh. They don’t need the money as they completely wipe the floor with us.

That’s all I can do with this lot under these rules. 3 promotions, a League Cup win (with no Europe, don’t get me started on that again) & a top 10 finish in the Top Flight.

Boss gotta be happy with that?

So that’s a wrap. 

Jerry’s final thought: Next time you hear skateboarders making too much noise by your house, just remember; they may be American suburban MTV-watching, McDonalds WiFi-rinsing, Snap Chatting little Tik Tok c*nts. But they got camera phones.

Over and out, have a great weekend.


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