Wonderkids International – Part Two: Euro-nly a Pipedream

Morning and happy hump day. Here’s King of the Rooks with the Portugese wonderkids!

Welcome back to the Wonderkids International where we are trying to make something of the hordes of Portuguese wonderkids that the CM9798 database is riddled with. You can catch-up with our start here. We’ve got Euro 2000 qualification on the agenda this time around, but our squad is really prone to injuries. That said our only real opponents should be the Czech Republic.

If we can start with a win, I think there’s no looking back. NO LOOKING BACK!

Taxi for the Czech Republic! Disappointing to concede the 90th minute goal really.

2nd seeds my arse! Don’t you know pump it up, Portugal are going up! Next up it’s the group minnows, who proceed to cripple my stars. Ricky now has 14 in 8.

Dani’s season is over. Litos will be back in a month.

It’s shaping up nicely.

We continue to wrack up injuries like badges of honour over the winter and it leaves us playing a centre back at full-back against Israel. Make of that what you will:

A poor result as we put away 20% of our chances. The bonny lad in goal did well. Our squad is similarly pole-axed prior to our trip to Warsaw, a more difficult affair but a superb away result.

It leaves an almost perfect start to the group for the International Wonderkids of Portugal. Who have almost all now moved on to top Spanish clubs.

Tiago is in fine form in the middle so naturally he’ll now be out for 6 months with a slipped disc. We’re off to Azerbaijan, wherever that is, and its cruise control.

Ricky is dancing these defenders daft. Upside, inside out indeed. Approaching our only real serious group opponents its natural that there’s a taxi for taxi.

It matters not as the Czech’s just don’t have it in them to beat us. Another clean sheet.

The lack of goals is a concern against a better side. Not one to gloat for too long, I am absolutely livid. The man from the spare room sees red and Andorra score their 1st, 2nd and 3rd goals of the tournament against our 10 men.

Loja and Delfim will miss the final group games. If this is the kind of collapse with ten men, I pray we keep it together if we qualify. The group is shaping up well, we should be through by the end of the next round of fixtures.

One man is having a hell of a time for us and he’s earned a move to Sporting Lisbon.

Meanwhile Pinto is off to Porto after demanding to move from West Ham to a bigger club. Here’s the remainder of our journey before (hopefully) the Euro’s.

We’ll continue to setup 4-1-1-2-2 direct, despite the Andorra result, it seems to be delivering so far.

Is it for rael? Yes, yes it is.

Just a shame we should have had about 10 goals and conceded from their only shot. Loja is a miss on his ban.

A pole in the road dents our perfect record in the group.

Ricky will miss the final game and the ability to add to his 24 goals.

Fabio? Fabi-no. A shameful away win at the republican to end the group. Top of the plops would be an apt description of this group.

The final table:

The CM9798 gods, and our standing as a 2nd seed deal us an absolutely cruel group.

We’ll have to adapt and play to disrupt the big boys flow of play. And with that we come to the end of part two. I hope you’re enjoying a rapid development of our Portuguese Wonderkids so far. Have we got it in us to get through that group? Can Fabio and Martins keep on banging them in or will they fade against a genuine challenge? Only time will tell. Do join us next time as we warm-up for the Euro’s. No doubt there’ll be an injury curse just around the corner…

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