CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 50: Over and Out

Good day to you! Welcome to episode 50 of the Retirement Home – the final episode of the Retirement Home. We finished last week by winning the Champions League and it seems the absolutely perfect way to leave things. This will be a celebration of what has gone on over the past 49 weeks and a look forward to our new save in 2021, which has some similarities.

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CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 49: Hold your breath and count to 10

Well good day to you! It may be winter outside but in my heart it’s spring. Technically it’s not yet winter, makes you think doesn’t it? Anyway, it is definitely the winter of these players’ career but nothing can take away the fact they are Premier League champions. Their title defence is about to come to an end but we won’t cry because it’s over. We’ll definitely smile because it happened. We’re also still in the Champions League of course, so let’s hope we aren’t sucked into a relegation battle.

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CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 45: Late Bloomers

Well good howdy to you all. Here in Retirement country, the old lads are doing themselves proud by sitting 4th. With relegation surely not even on the radar this year we are well placed to build on our high finish of 6th. Still, the cold winter months have been known to cause problems for the elderly and let me remind you, two of my centre backs are over 40.

PL top October S15

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CM9798 Retirement Home – Part 43: When one door closes…

Good morning! Welcome to another end of season write-up for the Retirement Home. As the curtain comes down on season 14, we have an unusually high amount of unsettled issues for the old lads to resolve. Firstly, we shouldn’t get relegated or even be in the scrap. So that’s nice. Secondly, we’re still in with a chance of defending the FA Cup. Finally, we are ludicrously still in Europe, the Cup Winners Cup quarter final will see us takes on Nantes and this week, I promise there’ll be no Take That gags.

PL Top Feb S14

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